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Peter Ridd and Jennifer Marohasy speaking about the need for quality assurance in science last November in Sydney.

Peter Ridd Asks for your Help – Now

PROFESSOR Peter Ridd is a physicist at James Cook University who has dared to question scientific findings that purport to show the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. Specifically, he has been formally censured by the University and told to remain quiet about the matter – or risk his job. The issue dates back to […]

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Snow Gums at Thredbo.

Remembering Diane Ainsworth

I can’t find a good photograph of Diane Ainsworth – one that does her justice. Thirty years ago, she had a cheeky smile, deep-set eyes, mousey-coloured thick wiry hair, and a very thin waist. We were friends at boarding school, and in the same hockey team: I was the centre-forward and she my fast and […]

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Nothing Great

In Search of a Moderator

GROUPS of people, by their nature tend to seek out a consensus, but groups are more resilient and more likely to get closer to the truth when they are open to new ideas and when they confront dissent with rational argument. So, I’ve been very tolerant at this website of what many would call trolling. […]

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Warming Since 1995 Not Significant: Phil Jones

“PERHAPS the major environmental news of the week was a friendly interview of Phil Jones, the former head of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), by BBC’s Roger Harabin. After the interview, a question and answer statement, with some corrections, was released by BBC. In the interview Jones stated that although there has been a modest […]

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Pachauri Must Resign – UN IPCC is ‘sub-prime science’ – Why is Gore Silent? – Banks withdraw from carbon trading – Withdraw UN IPCC Nobel: Marc Morano

Flashback 2008: Scientist: ‘Global warming’ is sub-prime science, sub-prime economics, and sub-prime politics, and it could well go down with the sub-prime mortgage’ Paper: UN climate chief Pachauri used ‘bogus’ climate claims ‘to win grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds’ UN IPCC Exposed: ‘Dozens’ of instances where WWF reports have been cited […]

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Glacial Melt Farce

“LET me get this right…   The fraudster who runs the IPCC global warming scam and makes millions from that office   Employs the bloke who gave  the scientific evidence for glacier melt  in the Himalayas totally removing them from the face of the earth by 2035   Over the phone   To a bloke […]

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Climategate Analysis: SPPI

The Science and Public Policy Institute has published an analysis of the leaked climategate emails. This 149-page document takes the emails in chronological order and shows, with comments on each message, how science was perverted. In the introductory material the report says: The entire industry of “climate science” was created out of virtually nothing, by […]

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Climategate Hits the US: Kenneth Haapala

FOR MUCH of the Northern Hemisphere, the cold is abating. As climate scientists long realized, a short period does not create a trend. Even global warming advocates, who insisted that the 1998 El Nino warming was a trend, are now claiming that the cold does not contradict their warming trend. Their time spans are evidently extremely […]

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