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August 2011
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Archive for August, 2011

New insight into cloud formation

If cloud formation  is impacted by cosmic ray flux, as suggested by new research from CERN, then this further complicates our understanding of drivers of global temperature: GENEVA, 25 August 2011. In a paper published in the journal Nature today, the CLOUD1 experiment at CERN2 has reported its first results. The CLOUD experiment has been designed to study the [...]


Sea will save the Murray mouth

THE Murray-Darling Basin is the food bowl of Australia and for years has been considered an ecological disaster. Later this year the government will release a plan that is supposed to place the Murray-Darling on a sustainable environmental footing, and already $10 billion has been set aside for the plan’s implementation. But if the guide [...]

Forestry deal sinks Tasmanian wooden boat building

THE future of Tasmania’s valuable wooden boat building industry is directly threatened by the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on future use of Tasmania’s forests according to the following media release… “Locking up the remaining sources of timber used by Tasmania’s wooden boat builders will destroy what is currently a very valuable, viable and iconic industry,” Coalition Forestry [...]

Convoy of no confidence: what I will say

I’ve been asked to speak outside Parliament House tomorrow morning, to the ‘Convoy of No Confidence’.   What an honour.   Following are my speech notes: THERE is nothing more basic to our physical well-being than food, and Australian farmers are amongst the most efficient and responsible food producers in the world.  Yet they are increasingly demonised [...]

Climate4you Update July 2011

THE climate update for July 2011 indicates: “The Northern Hemisphere was characterised by regional variability. Below average temperatures extended across western North America, most of the North Atlantic and Europe, and central Russia. Above average temperatures characterised eastern North America, western Russia and eastern Siberia. The Southern Hemisphere in general was close to average 1998-2006 [...]

Report on Tumut flooding raises more questions than it answers

LAST December Snowy Hydro dumped water into the already flooded Murray-Darling, but said it had little choice.   A report just released by the NSW Office of Water clears Snowy Hydro but only in so much as it states that Snowy Hydro operated in accordance with its licence conditions. At issue has always been whether these licence [...]

Soil Chemistry, Irrigation and the Disappearance of Murray Cod

I visited the State Library of South Australia today looking for information on species of fish caught by the Ngarrindjeri in the Lower Lakes at the time of European settlement. It is evident from the writing of the Reverend George Taplin (who ran the mission on the Narrung Peninsula) that there were Murray Cod in the Lakes [...]

Carbon Dioxide Follows Temperature: Murray Salby

ACCORDING to Murray Salby, Chair of Climate at Macquarie University, recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are from predominately natural sources and changes in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide follow changes in temperature. This was the thrust of the Professor’s message to an audience at the Sydney Institute last week. You can listen to Professor [...]

Inefficient Spending, Flawed Government Logic and False Assumptions

THE lead story on Channel 7’s news tonight was a Commonwealth government program where there has been “inefficient spending, flawed government logic and false assumptions”. [1] I thought the mainstream media had finally caught on to the absurdity of the Commonwealth’s water reform agenda where the Gillard government plans to spend $10 billion returning end-of-system [...]

Gillard’s $4 Million Propaganda: Send It Back!

Dear Jennifer, As you are probably aware, Julia Gillard announced recently that she wants to spend four million dollars of our hard-earned tax dollars to mail a pro-tax propaganda campaign to every Australian household. And this is on top of the twelve million dollars in TV Advertising already announced. And this is just the start! [...]