Archive | August 11, 2009

Cows Greener than Soy?

I am dismayed that so many people have been so easily fooled on the meat eating and climate change issue following the UN report.  The culprit is not meat eating but rather the excesses of corporate/industrial agriculture.  Read more here.

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No Hurricanes – Yet

A slow start is no guarantee of a mild hurricane season. In 1992, the first named storm did not form until late August. When it did form, though, Hurricane Andrew became a Category 5 storm that poleaxed south Florida.  Read more here.

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Malcolm Turnbull Needs to Go

THE release of Malcolm Turnbull’s “Greener, Cheaper, Smarter ETS” puts the seal on his demise. You can explain Utegate away as a bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime accident, but the idea that you fight the government’s ETS by producing one of your own, is complete incompetence.  Read more here.

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