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Archive for April, 2009

Defining the Greens (Part 6)

It is now official, at least in Britain, Environmentalism is a religion.  Indeed, one can now sue for religious discrimination with environmentalism listed as the affronted creed. According to Tom Nicholson, a 41-year old married man, being Green means he no longer travels by airplane, he buys local produce, has reduced his consumption of meat and [...]


The Mathematics of Connectivity and Bushfires: A Note from David Ward

HUNGARY has produced many outstanding mathematicians and physicists. Perhaps there is a connection with rampant violin playing. One of these was Paul Erdös who was the twentieth century’s most prolific mathematician, with 1475 papers to his credit. He rivals Leonhard Euler, the Swiss genius of the eighteenth century. There is a worthwhile biography of Erdös [...]

Some Changes: Plimer Book Launches

Due to overwhelming demand there have been some changes to the venues, dates and times for Ian Plimer’s book launches, Information here.

Extrapolating on Perth’s Rainfall

Perth’s rain did reduce by approximately 10% in the mid-1970’s – and this is what the climate change proponents are now referring to when they say “..greatly reduced long term rainfall averages”.   Read more here from Warwick Hughes.

Pondering Problems with Computer Climate Models: A Note from Michael Hammer

SCIENTISTS have put a huge amount of effort into generating computer models of our climate system.  These models are very sophisticated and complex and their outputs suggest that increasing carbon dioxide will lead to significant temperature rises for our planet.  Indeed the model outputs now represent the main evidence in support of the anthropogenic (man induced) [...]

More Low-Carbon Research Needed: A Note from Bjorn Lomborg

WE are often told that tackling global warming should be the defining task of our age — that we must cut emissions immediately and drastically. But people are not buying the idea that, unless we act, the planet is doomed. Several recent polls have revealed Americans’ growing skepticism. Solving global warming has become their lowest [...]

Clean Coal

Cartoon by Nicholson from “The Australian” newspaper: Click on the image for a better/larger view.

More Worst AGW Papers: A Note from Cohenite

SINCE Copenhagen the intensity of doom and gloom [D&G] has been ratcheted up with such anthropogenic global warming luminaries as Will Steffan and David Karoly declaring their previous predictions not dire enough and so have been superseded by much worse predictions. Jay Leno has a good response to this; “According to a new U.N. report, [...]

Defining the Greens (Part 5)

IT is wrong to assume that the Greens are luddites and in particular anti-technology.  This is a criticism often levelled against them because, as a group, they tend to oppose many new technologies, for example, the genetic modification of crops and nuclear energy. However, the Greens are passionately pro solar technology.  The only problem with [...]

Climate-Related Policy Should be Evolutionary Not Presumptive

I have come to believe that the official expert advisory process, and the IPCC process within it, are seriously flawed… Two related forms of evidence have brought me to this view. They represent findings on my part, not presuppositions. First is the evidence that work which the IPCC and its member governments have drawn on [...]