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August 2008
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Archive for August, 2008

Greenland’s Ice Follows Dramatic Fall in Carbon Dioxide Levels?

According to a recent paper** published in the journal Nature, only a dramatic fall in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are able to explain the transition from the mostly ice-free Greenland of three million years ago, to the ice-covered Greenland of today. I am not convinced, but anyway, the paper begs the question, why did the [...]


Time for a Counter-Consensus: Christopher Booker

In today’s UK Telegraph Christopher Booker has commented: “As the estimated cost of measures proposed by politicians to ‘combat global warming’ soars ever higher – such as the International Energy Council’s $45 trillion – ‘fighting climate change’ has become the single most expensive item on the world’s political agenda. “As Senators Obama and McCain vie [...]

Causal Linkage between Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming (Part 4)

On the evening of Sunday, August 10, I asked for citations of research papers in reputable scientific journals that examine the causal link between anthropogenic carbon dioxide and global warming and that quantified the extent of this warming.** In most areas of science, when a clearly articulated theory dominates, a student can nominate several seminal [...]

Upcoming Changes to the Blog

I started this blog on April 14, 2005, pondering what it means to be a progressive environmentalist. For more than two years various people made a significant contribution to the blog including Neil Hewett and Paul Biggs. About a year ago I asked them to take a more prominent role in the running of the [...]

Interpreting Eastern Australian Rainfall Data

In The Weekend Australian I wrote that many false claims are made about the state of our environment on an almost daily basis but because most Australians are illiterate when it comes to science and maths, they are mostly just accepted. My first example was eastern Australian rainfall and the claim that the east coast [...]

GM Becomes Election Issue in Western Australia

The growing of genetically modified (GM) food crops is currently illegal in several Australian states including Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter has promised to continue the ban while the opposition Liberal Party says it will allow these crops if it wins the September 6 election. Read more here:

Clouds at the Edge of Space

Two years after the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, the Indonesian supervolcano, Robert Leslie published a note in the journal Nature describing wispy blue filaments in the night sky. He is now credited with the discovery of noctilucent clouds (NLCs). Photograph from the International Space Station, positioned 340 km over western Mongolia on July 22, 2008. [...]

No Reliable Data on Historical Polar Bear Numbers – A Note from Nichole Hoskin

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) have become a symbol of global warming, and their predicted decline a sign of worst to come, but until very recently population estimates were really just educated guesses. Current polar bear numbers are estimated to total between 20,000 and 25,000. On May 14 2008, when announcing the decision to list polar [...]

Barack Obama’s Running Mate is Very Green

Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s running mate and perhaps the next vice president of the USA. Popular website Grist has examined his environmental record and found it to be very ‘green’. The Senator: 1. was a cosponsor of the Boxer-Sanders Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act, which advocated a cap-and trade-system for greenhouse-gase emmissions and an [...]

David Dilley Predicts Global Cooling Now

“IN a new e-book ‘Global Warming—Global Cooling, Natural Cause Found’, meteorologist and climate researcher David Dilley utilizes nearly a half million years of data linking long term gravitational cycles of the moon explain the recent global warming, rises in carbon dioxide levels, and for 2200 global warming cycles during the past half million years. “The [...]