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March 2008
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Archive for March, 2008

Roger Pielke Sr Reiterates His Perspective on the Role of Humans in Climate Change

There continues to be misunderstandings on my viewpoint on the role of humans within the climate system. This weblog is written to make sure it is clear, and can be used whenever someone asks the question as to where does Pielke Sr. stand on this issue. As I have written in the Main Conclusions of [...]


Report: GM Crops Will Benefit Economy

Genetically-modified oilseed and wheat crops could provide significant benefits to the economy, a new report says. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) estimates an uptake of GM crops could add $912 million to the economy by 2018. The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘GM crops will benefit economy: ABARE’ The ABARE report summary is [...]

Emission Impossible

Governments around the world are working towards a commitment to deep cuts in CO2 emissions by 2050, or earlier, in the apparent belief that cuts are achievable, affordable, politically acceptable, and will have a measurable influence on climate change. Few would argue against the desirability of developing new, secure energy sources in order to reduce [...]

Happy Birthday Cheeta

“It is 76 years since Cheeta the chimp was plucked from the African jungle to become a Hollywood star in the Tarzan movies. Yet incredibly, he is still going strong. “The oldest known living chimpanzee enjoys a leisurely retirement in California, where he enjoys painting, piano and strolling in the sunshine… Read more here:

Carbon Offsets to Expand National Parks or Selling Ice to Eskimos

In the cross-hairs of Queensland Government Acquisition? “The Queensland Government will channel more than $10 million a year into a new ‘Eco Fund’ to expand the state’s National Parks.” So said the Hon. Premier, Anna Bligh and Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, the Hon. Andrew McNamara, in a joint statement last Friday. “… [...]

The Global Warming Challenge: Scott Armstrong Calling Al Gore

Professor Scott Armstrong of the Wharton School of Business at the Univ. of Pennsyvania, also associated with the Heartland Institute, is internationally known for his pioneering work on forecasting methods. Recently, he challenged former Vice-President Al Gore regarding Global Climate Modeling – and today sent off another letter: March 28, 2008 Honorable Albert Gore 2100 [...]

Won’t Meet Emissions Targets, Unless

With present policies Australia has no chance of reducing our C02 emissions by anywhere near 80 per cent by the year 2050. Before I explain why, I should say that I am a greenhouse sceptic taking the view that it is very unlikely that CO2 is having a major effect on changing climate. However, due [...]

Typo in 2002 Australian Report Responsible for Plastic Bag Mythology

The plastic bag is the latest useful item to fall victim to a factually challenged campaign aimed at achieving a world-wide ban in the false name of being ‘green’ or ‘saving the planet.’ Australia has to take much of the blame for this, due to a 2002 report misinterpreting the original 1987 Canadian Study in [...]

Birdies Bye Bye: Joint Press Release by Prof David Bellamy and Mark Duchamp

We have received the following message from Israel : “Following a press release last week it seems that several of the leading industrial companies in Israel are going to enter the wind business. These are deeply connected to leading politicians. Our ministry of environment is quite hopeless. The future seems bleak.” From Gibraltar, from Sicily, [...]

Articles on Australia’s Carbon Canutism

THE Rudd Government is prepared to stare down a demand to compensate power producers for the effects of the carbon trading scheme foreshadowed in its review of climate change policy. Power producers say that without structural assistance the value of their assets will fall sharply and investors will be reluctant to commit to new plants, [...]