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November 2007
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Archive for November, 2007

Flying Foxes in the Heat of Debate

Flying foxes to wilt with climate change, by ABC Science Online’s Stephen Pincock, contends that new research shows some of Australia’s flying foxes face a grave threat from extreme temperatures expected to become more frequent with climate change. Dr Nicola Markus, an Australian expert on their ecology and co-author of this new research, says, “It [...]


The Ideal Average World Temperature

Nigel Lawson gave an insightful address to the group who gathered for the Institute of Public Affair’s 2007 HV McKay Lecture in Sydney on Monday. He spoke on the politics and economics of climate change and commented: “Is it really plausible that there is an ideal average world temperature, which by some happy chance has [...]

New Group Rejects “Kyoto 2″: CSCC Media Release

A new Report produced by a coalition of over 40 prominent civil society organisations from 33 countries says that governments should reject calls for a post-Kyoto treaty (“Kyoto 2”) with binding limits on carbon emissions. The report says a better strategy would be to focus on removing barriers to adaptation, such as subsidies, taxes and [...]

Humback and Fin Whale Numbers Misrepresented in Popular Press: ICR Media Release

Mr. Minoru Morimoto, Director General of The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) in Tokyo, said today that journalists and editors are misinforming the public and abusing the credibility of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Many of the news articles and stories about Japan’s whale research have incorrectly cited the World Conservation Union (IUCN) listing of [...]

The Phenomenological Approach to Estimating the Effect of Total Solar Irradiance on Climate

I’ve mentioned before that the flawed ‘hockey stick’ temperature reconstruction is used to reduce the role of the sun in climate change. Little pre-industrial temperature variability would help support the claim that 20th century warming is mainly anthropogenic in origin. Scafetta and West have recently published a continuation of their phenomenological approach to estimating the [...]

Bans Lifted on GM Food Crops

Jen, NSW and Victoria have just lifted the ban on genetically modified (GM) crops! It wont take them long to see the benifits either… won’t take long before South Australia and Western Australia freak out because the yeilds back in the eastern states blow them away! It’s about time Aussies embraced farming of the future. [...]

Junk Science and Japanese Whaling: A Note from Annie

Japanese whalers are on their way to the Southern Ocean. This JARPA II fleet has attracted more attention than usual because of the inclusion of humpback whales in the annual kill quota. The mother ship, the Nisshin Maru, has “RESEARCH” emblazoned on her hull, and when questioned on the humpback whale component of this year’s [...]

UN Climate Circus Rolls into Bali on a CO2 Cloud

“IT HAS been billed as the summit that could help save the planet, but the latest United Nations climate change conference on the paradise island of Bali has itself become a major contributor to global warming. Calculations suggest flying the 15,000 politicians, civil servants, green campaigners and television crews into Indonesia will generate the equivalent [...]

Why Didn’t John Howard Ratify the Kyoto Protocol?

During his 11 years as Prime Minister John Howard oversaw the introduction of 20 major pieces of environmental legislation by four different environment ministers. This resulted in the end of broad scale tree clearing in western Queensland, the declared of large areas of the Great Barrier Reef out of bounds to fishermen, and through the [...]

Australia to Ratify Kyoto – Labor Wins Federal Election

Australians voted today in a federal election and after 11 years of the Conservative Howard government have voted for change and a new Labor government. Labor went to the electorate very clearly stating that if it won, it would ratify the Kyoto Protocol – something Prime Minister John Howard has resisted. A Rudd Labor Government [...]