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October 2007
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Archive for October, 2007

UK Hoping for a Mild Winter

Britain faces the prospect of power shortages and soaring prices this winter after the National Grid warned of a shortfall in electricity-generating capacity yesterday. The alert coincides with a surge in gas prices, which are now 40% higher than in continental Europe, and the confirmation that a vital import plant in South Wales will not [...]


Japan’s $10.5 Billion Carbon Credit Bill

Japan needs to implement measures to lower greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a bill of as much as 1.2 trillion yen ($10.5 billion) to buy carbon credits in global markets, a government report says. Bloomberg: Japan Needs Measures to Avert $10.5 Billion Carbon Credit Cost

More Australian Junk Science

MORE Australians will die from heart attacks, strokes and respiratory diseases as the planet heats up, a study has found. Instances of obesity, food poisoning, and mosquito-borne diseases such as the deadly Ross River fever are also likely to rise as climate change raises average and extreme temperatures. The Healthy Planet, Places and People report [...]

News Round Up of Labor’s Shifting Kyoto Position

IT came direct from Kevin Rudd’s mouth: the Labor Party cannot commit to ratify a post-2012 second Kyoto period unless Australia’s conditions are met. Having spent 10 years of worship at the symbolic altar of Kyoto, Labor is suddenly selling a very different message. It is the opposite message: Kyoto has become conditional. Its sanctification [...]

Happy Halloween: Print and Wear Your Own Al Gore Mask

Another way of scaring children, other than making them watch AIT: Masks will print out in full on one vertical sheet of US Letter (8.5in x11in) paper.

Lovelock: Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

Professor James Lovelock gave a public lecture hosted by the UK Royal Society on Monday 29th October. Lovelock said, “Any economic downturn or planned cut back in fossil fuel use, which lessened the aerosol density, would intensify the heating. If there were a 100 per cent cut in fossil fuel combustion it might get hotter [...]

Drought and Climate Change ‘Not Linked’

MOST farmers believe climate change is a natural phenomenon and not man-made, senior delegates to a farmers’ conference said today. NSW Farmers Association (NFA) executive councillors Howard Crozier and Ian McClintock’s comments were applauded by the 60 fellow NFA councillors at their bi-annual meeting in Sydney today. Read the full article entitled, ”No link’ between [...]

Kevin Rudd to ‘Save’ Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

An extensive plan to save Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been announced by Prime Minister John Howard’s main rival in the forthcoming elections. He announced the A$200m (£90m, US$185.5m) plan while on a glass-bottomed boat tour of the reef in Queensland in the north-east of the country. Mr Rudd said the bulk of the fund, [...]

NZ Scientists Find Cure for Frog Killer Fungus

New Zealand scientists have found what appears to be a cure for the disease that is responsible for wiping out many of the world’s frog populations. Chloramphenicol, currently used as an eye ointment for humans, may be a lifesaver for the amphibians, they say. The researchers found frogs bathed in the solution became resistant to [...]

Cleaning Oil from Birds: A Note from Ann Novek

Every year millions of birds die in oil spills around the world. Here’s the basics of how to clean a seabird: – The birds suffer from hypothermia and have damages to their internal organs due to toxic oil. They suffer also from dehydration from diarrea. – Do NOT clean the birds immediately. They need first [...]