Insights into Buyat Bay Controversy: ABC Documentary Now on the Net

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On the 26th of June 2007, Jakarta-based reporter Mr. Geoff Thompson aired a program for ABC’s Foreign Correspondent on the Buyat Bay Case entitled “The Battle of Buyat Bay”.

This documentary has some revealing statements from NGO activists, and it gives a good insight into how the Buyat controversy originated and how it has persisted for this long.

The chronology of events presented in this documentary clearly shows that political interest and ideologies can easily overturn the scientific findings of reputable organizations like the World Health Organization and CSIRO in favor of pseudo-science. And the power of politics in Indonesia remains strong enough to throw innocent people into jail and disregard their human rights—reminding the viewers that the rule of law in Indonesia still has some way to go.

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Eric Ness

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    this from
    “I think Dennis Shanahan wrote this this morning (as opposed to yesterday). The “PhD” mentions refer, I believe, to me.

    A courtesy call from Editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell this morning informed me that the paper is going to “go” Charles Richardson (from Crikey) and me tomorrow.

    Chris said by all means criticise the paper, but my “personal” attacks on Dennis had gone too far, and the paper will now go me “personally”.

    No, I’m not making this up.

    If they only get as personal as I get with Dennis, then it should be tame, as I don’t believe I’ve ever criticised anything other than his writing.

    And to think I described Dennis, in a chapter in a book being launched this month, as (with no sarcasm) “a fine journalist”.

    All very strange. And – I’d be lying if I didn’t admit – a little stomach-churning.”
    J-HO has got to go NOW

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