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April 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

Kin and Country – The Cape York Indigenous Conservation Agenda

Mr. Gerhardt Pearson (Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation CEO), Professsor Tim Flannery (2007 Australian of the Year) and Ms. Tania Major (2007 Young Australian of the Year) introduced the Cape York Conservation Agenda at a public seminar yesterday, at the Shangri La Hotel in Cairns. The Cape York Heads of Agreement, signed off on the [...]


The disposal of our heritage

Douglas Shire Council (DSC) has authorised the public release of its Blue Hole Reserve draft Management Plan, which aims to create a reserve for community purposes at a site of global environmental and cultural heritage significance, at the centre of the Daintree Cape Tribulation rainforest. The underlying objective, it would seem, is to commandeer a [...]

The Guillemot and the Mirror

This is a guillemot (Uri aalge). A seabird found along the Scandinavian coast. This fellow is suffering from a leg injury and recoverying at a small animal rehabilitation centre north of Stockholm in Sweden. According to Ann Novek, who sent in the photograph, some birds are more relaxed with a mirror for company.

Sweden’s Smallest Owl

Hi Jennifer, We run a small animal rehab centre north of Stockhom in Sweden. Due to some problems with rooms, activity has slowed downed a bit. Usually we have about 1200 patients each year – all species of birds and small mammals (mostly hedgehogs). Mortality rate is about 50 percent. This is not too bad [...]

A Few Thoughts

I apologise for not posting very much over the last week. I have been somewhat preoccupied with my trip to Indonesia. I am leaving next Thursday for 10 days. I am not sure whether I will have good internet access while I am away. I will be visiting Buyat Bay in North Sulawesi. This is [...]

Another Pedia

It’s not on the net, but it’s in the hard copy of today’s The Australian(pg 36), an article entitled ‘Wikipedia references a source of anxiety‘ detailing how “male, crude and given to the concerns of the rich middle class” is the internet, but, not subject to the control of media barons. The article begins by [...]

Koalas Extinct in 7 Years: I Don’t Think So!

“Extreme drought, ferocious bushfires and urban development could make koalas extinct within seven years, environmentalists are warning,” in an article in new online journal The Brisbane Times. “Alarms about the demise of the iconic and peculiar animal, which sleeps about 20 hours per day and eats only the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, have been [...]

Despite Climate Crisis, Surge in World Cereal Production

For a long time now its been predicted that the world will run out of food. According to Jared Diamond and other doomsayers, we are mining our soils, depleting our water reserves and now, according to Al Gore, we also have a climate crisis. The latest United Nation’s report on climate change** was, however, surprisingly [...]

Government Will Legislate to Store Greenhouse Gases?

I can’t image anyone complaining about having carbon dioxide stored under their house, but in an article entitled ‘Carbon storage won’t be optional’ Matthew Warren, writing for The Australian, begins with the emotive statement that: “Australian may be stripped of their right to block the storage of greenhouse gases beneath their land under laws being [...]

New Report Outlines Potential Challenges To Australia’s Claim to Antarctica

In a new report by The Australian Strategic Policy Institute it is claimed that the validity of Australia’s territorial claim over 42 percent of Antarctica will face more challenges. “There is going to be a lot more pressure on Antarctica – climate change, illegal fishing, more tourists, bio-prospectors,” he said. “If peak oil hits stratospheric [...]