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July 2006
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Archive for July, 2006

Survey: Native Private Forestry in NSW

I received the following note: “You may like to bring this survey to the attention of your readers: . Responses are public: anyone who takes the survey can see a summary of all the responses when they complete their entry. Responses are anonymous, I have no way of telling who responded. The survey software [...]


Toowoomba Votes Against Water Recycling

“The Mayor of Toowoomba, Di Thorley, says the case for water recycling in Australia has been dealt a severe blow as a result of yesterday’s poll in the south-east Queensland city. Around 60 per cent of residents have voted ‘no’ to a plan to draw 25 per cent of the city’s water from recycled effluent.” [...]

Note from Eric Baumholder

Jennifer, I really like your blog and visit it a lot. Perhaps you and your readers would enjoy a bit of levity at the expense of extremist activists! And of course, I’d appreciate the attention. Regards, Eric Baumholder

Update from Warwick Hughes

Dear Jennifer, You might be interested in my recent Blog entry ‘Long term reduction in Australian deaths from, bushfires, cyclones and heatwaves’. The next entry down ‘Is massive UHI warming in China distorting Jones et al gridded T data ?’ is reporting stunning differences between Jones and satellite gridded data. I thought the warmers were [...]

Large Mammal Extinctions: Libby Eyre

I asked Libby Eyre for some information on modern large mammal extinctions and this was her list in reply: Steller’s sea cow, sea mink and Carribbean monk seals, the Thylacine, Toolache wallaby and lesser bilby, the Falkland Island fox, aurochs (stunning bovines), tarpans (a type of wild horse) and quaggas (amazing ‘half zebra, half-horse’ animals), [...]

Al Gore’s New Movie In Australia In September

I’ve just been sent some publicity for Al Gore’s new movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. It’s an apocalyptic tale about climate change opening in Australia from 14th September with screening times to soon be available at the films new Australian website: . I could organise a group booking for Brisbane-based readers of this blog at [...]

Let Me Drink Recycled Water

Was it former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Australian Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett or Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull? Who convinced Queensland’s Premier Beattie to change his mind on recycling sewage as a source of drinking water? They have each visited my home town of Brisbane over the last week and each publicly [...]

An ‘Advertisement’ for ‘Dipetane’

I’ve been sent links to According to the website you add dipetane to your petrol or diesel and you get a 10-17percent efficiency increase and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. According to Wikipedia* it’s a fuel enhancer that improves the quality of combustion of any liquid fuel and it reduces emissions of CO2 up to [...]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Says Auditor-General

“Last week the Auditor-General stated that farmers have escaped land clearing prosecutions because the State Government had ‘problems with meeting the evidence requirements’ under NSW native vegetation laws,” said a spokesperson for the NSW Regional Community Survival Group, Doug Menzies. A media release from the group issued earlier today began: “Farming families are demanding an [...]

How to Save the Baiji?

The Yangtze River Dolphin, also known as the baiji, is perhaps the most endangered of the world’s large mammals. The last confirmed sighting was of a single adult in September 2004. The journal Conservation Biology recently published three short papers [1] on the current state of baiji conservation and plans to save the species. There [...]