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September 2005
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Archive for September, 2005

Vitamin A, Meat & CSIRO

“Lack of vitamin A promotes the death of about 6000 children per day, worldwide, from infectious disease. This is a tangible health hazard of vast scope that dwarfs any hypothetical hazard attributed to genetically modified (GM) foods.” … begins David Tribe in his new article in Issues magazine. The September issue also includes an article [...]


Quote for this Week

“Two paths diverged in the forest, I took the one less travelled and it made all the difference.” (from a poster/picture I purchased in Zimbabwe in 1991) ……………………………………. And I might post another ‘quote for the week’ next Friday. So feel free to send me your best quote for next week, next week. In the [...]

OK to Challenge Einstein, But Not AGW

I received my first ever copy of Cosmos magazine today(September issue). The 112 page glossy has some good stories including a piece titled ‘Pulsar a stellar double act’ (pg 23) that explains how scientists at the Univeristy of British Columbia,Vancouver, are still trying to disprove Einsteins’s General Theory of Relativity. Why is it OK to [...]

Not Three Puggles

Baby echidnas are called puggles. They start life when the mother lays an egg about 22 days after mating. According to abc science online getting an echidna egg from the cloaca to the pouch, is not an easy feat and no-one’s actually seen it happen. I was sent an email yesterday with an image apparently [...]

The Weather Makers

What is it about ‘global warming’ that brings out the worst in people like Tim Flannery? Prof Flannery was on ABC Television’s The 7.30 Report last night promoting his new book. I have not read The Weather Makers but I understand from the interview last night that he proposes temperatures are going to rise by [...]

Bob Hawke On Uranium

Once upon a time I often repeated the slogan ‘think globally, act locally’. It is perhaps this concept that Bob Hawke was promoting when he suggested last night that Australia become a dumping ground for the world’s nuclear waste. According to ABC Online he said, “Australia has the geologically safest places in the world for [...]

An IPCC Cornerstone, 20 Years Old

I received the following note from Warwick Hughes: The 20th anniversary of Jones et al 1986 seems a good time to assemble all available reviews of these IPCC cornerstones that slipped under the radar of science. I have just posted: . … The Hughes et al review begins: Next year will mark 20 years [...]

Penguins and Sex

Stephen Jay Gould in his book ‘Rocks of Ages: Science and Religon in the Fullness of Life’ (Random House 2001)concludes that science defines the natural world and religon our moral world. In an insightful piece published last week in the Sunday Times Andrew Sullivan considers how penguin biology has become part of the morality wars [...]

National Parks to be Baited with 1080

I was recently faxed through a summary of research findings on the impact of aerial baiting on spotted quoll populations. The report is now available at the NSW National Parks website here. There seems to have been a collective sigh of relief that baiting with 1080 for wild dogs will now occur in some National [...]

Climate Change

Rita hit the US mainland (near Port Arthur, Texas) as a category 3 hurricane last night. This will put Rita in the US National Hurricane Centres ‘major hurricane’ category. It is starting to really look like there has been a recent significant increase in the number and intensity of big storms hitting the North Atlantic [...]