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Myth and the Bureau of Meteorology

WE know that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology can’t forecast weather more than a few days out. So why should we believe a climate forecast to 2030? According to Sara Phillips, writing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Bureau’s new State of the Climate 2014 report is a reliable source of information because it distils […]

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Bureau Average Temp

Bureau Confirms Calculating Australia’s ‘Average’ Temperature Involves Some Hocus-pocus

THE Australian Bureau of Meteorology, BOM, doesn’t have a set of temperature thermometers regularly positioned across the landmass of Australia from which it might derive an average annual temperature. Rather many more of it’s approximately 750 temperature recording stations are in south eastern Australia, some have records that date back to the 1850s, while others […]

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Satellite Temps 2013

Last Year, 2013: A Hot Year for Australia

ANOTHER year, and another announcement from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that it is getting hotter. Indeed on January 3, 2014, David Jones, Manager of Climate Monitoring and Predictions at the Bureau, explained in a radio interview that: “We know every place across Australia is getting hotter, and very similarly almost every place on this […]

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Global Temps August 2013

Global Warming Stalls, Climate Scientists Fiddle Temperature Record

WHEN Tim Flannery was sacked last week as Australia’s Climate Commissioner he claimed that this last year has been the hottest on record. I don’t believe him because the raw data doesn’t support that claim, only the metadata for Australia, which has been adjusted, shows recent warming. Willis Eschenbach explains how they ‘fix the data’ […]

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Cooking Books for Hot Summers

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has “confirmed” that it is been the hottest summer on record in Australia. But I’m sceptical. The “record breaking hot summer” is apparently a statistical fact derived from simply averaging across 104 or 112 localities – depending on whom at the Bureau is providing the information.  No mention is made […]

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Your Temperatures Diddled

ALMOST exactly three years ago Michael Hammer showed that the official temperature rise profile for the 20th century in the United States is largely, if not entirely, an artifact of adjustments applied after the raw data is collected from the weather stations [1]. It was a very neat little analysis, first published at this blog. […]

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Comparing Global Temperatures

THERE are four official global temperature data sets and there has been much debate and discussion as to which best represents change in global temperature.  Tom Quirk has analysed variations within and between these data sets and concludes there is 1. Substantial general agreement between the data sets, 2. Substantial short-term variation in global temperature […]

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