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Tangled Temperature Trends

ON 10th June 2014 I sent the Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for the Environment, an email suggesting that a cooling temperature trend was establishing across northeastern Australia. I recently received a reply from the Bureau with a covering letter from Senator Simon Birmingham, in response to this email and also my letter of 4th […]

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Climate4You Update June 2014: Ole Humlum

“ALL five global temperature estimates presently show an overall stagnation, at least since 2002. There has been no increase in global air temperature since 1998, which however was affected by the oceanographic El Niño event. This stagnation does not exclude the possibility that global temperatures will begin to increase again later. On the other hand, […]

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Corrupting Australia’s Temperature Record

WHILE the average Australian, being sentimental and having a nationalistic streak, would like to believe their Bureau of Meteorology is honestly recording and reporting temperatures, in reality the science managers are corrupting the official record. Following is another example, another story, to add to the litany as detailed in my unanswered letter to Minister Hunt […]

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Rewriting the History of Bourke: Part 2, Adjusting Maximum Temperatures Both Down and uP, and Then Changing Them Altogether

Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. Albert Einstein. THE Australian Bureau of Meteorology extrapolates from the particular to the general in the development of their annual climate statements, but with a complete lack of fidelity to the original recorded temperature values at many locations. Indeed […]

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Hot days Bourke

Fiddling Temperatures for Bourke: Part 1, Hot Days

IF you know Bourke, you know Australia, wrote the famous Australian poet Henry Lawson. There is something quintessentially Australian about the place, the harshness of the western landscape, a tenacious spirit, the notion of ‘a fair go’. So what would you say if another Australian icon, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, was fiddling the temperature […]

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Dennis Jensen

Call for Independent Audit of Bureau of Meteorology by Dennis Jensen in Australian Parliament

LATE yesterday Dennis Jensen, the Member for Tangney, spoke in the Australian Parliament about how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology plays “fast and loose” with critical temperature data. At the end of this important speech, Dr Jensen calls for an audit of the Bureau and in particular the methodology it uses for compiling temperature data. […]

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Myth and the Bureau of Meteorology

WE know that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology can’t forecast weather more than a few days out. So why should we believe a climate forecast to 2030? According to Sara Phillips, writing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Bureau’s new State of the Climate 2014 report is a reliable source of information because it distils […]

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