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How Much Should One Frog Eat?

THE green tree frog, with the white lip, that I fed last night is currently asleep outside my kitchen window.   Last night she – I call her Emily – ate four grasshoppers, two moths, one bush cockroach, one click-beetle, but refused the squirming earthworm I held out for her. I understand it is easy to overfed a frog.   There […]

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Temperature Gradients and Spur-winged Plovers

THE spur-winged plover, Vanellus miles, has a distribution that extends from New Guinea along the east coast of Australia to New Zealand.  The wader self introduced to New Zealand in the 1930s, and has expanded its range in Australia as well as New Zealand over the last few decades. Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace suggested […]

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Dishonest Egg Labelling

An analysis of egg industry data has confirmed there are not enough free-range layer hens in Australia to produce the number of eggs labelled free-range.  Read more here.  The picture shows Jennifer nursing a free range chicken.

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Hippos Roaming Free in Colombia

BOGOTA – African zoologists are in Colombia to advise local authorities on what to do with dozens of hippos roaming around the abandoned zoo of late drug lord Pablo Escobar in the north of the country.  Read more here.

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About a Clump of Ancient Black Oaks: Helen Mahr

IN the Sierra Nevada, there are Whitebark Pines, Pinus albicaulis, thought to be thousands of years old now growing at an altitude where seedlings can’t survive winter. So, they reproduce from suckers. Larry Fields told us the story earlier this week. On the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, there are Black Oaks, Allocasuarina cristata, also growing […]

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