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Ten Big Fat Lies About Fracking: Phelim McAleer

THERE are three places in the US called Burning Springs, and there are historical records of people lighting their water since the 1600s. That’s according to Phelim McAleer who explains what he sees as the ‘Ten Big Fat Lies About Fracking’… 1) Anti-fracking activists are nice people who love debate Actually, far from being liberal, […]

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What will an ETS do for Australia’s Environment?

AN historic piece of legislation, The Carbon Pollution Reduction Bill, currently rests on the Senate table which, if passed, will have a huge impact on Australia’s economic and social future.  The legislation will next be considered on August 13th.   If passed what will this mean for the Australian environment? It is generally agreed that the legislation […]

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Newmont Wins Civil Suit in Jakarta, Rick Ness Retires

The mining thread at this blog has been dominated by the Buyat Bay saga; the alleged deliberate pollution of the bay, fishing village and its fringing coral reef in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, by US mining giant Newmont and in particular its Indonesian boss Richard Ness. I attended the verdict in the criminal trial of Mr […]

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Richard Ness Sends A Letter To ‘Friends of the Earth’: A Blog Post from Eric

Earlier this week the Australian chapter of ‘Friends of the Earth’ posted a statement on their website in response to comments made by Australian Senator Ian Macdonald. The press release stated: National environmental organisation, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, has responded angrily to a statement made in the Senate by Ian Macdonald implying that […]

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Militant Islamic Group Joins Environmental Campaign in Indonesia

Abu Bakar Bashir, the well known spiritual leader of militant Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiya, has now joined forces with Indonesia’s largest environmental organisation, WALHI, to protest against US-based mining corporation Newmont. from http://richardness.org/blog/walhisstrangebedfellows.php I’ve previously written about the Buyat Bay saga – where Richard Ness and Newmont were accused of having polluted a fishing village […]

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