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Better Reason Than ‘Climate Change’ for Eating Kangaroo

The Australian government’s climate change advisor, Professor Ross Garnaut, has suggested that reducing sheep and cattle numbers and replacing them with 175 million farmed kangaroos would help to dramatically reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Read more here.  Yep.  The concept of a climate crisis can be used to justify all sorts of things.   A problem for the kangaroo industry has been the […]

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Shooting Roos to Save Rangelands? by Nichole Hoskin

There are claims that the presence of too many sheep, cattle and kangaroos are damaging Australia’s rangelands and that commercial shooting of kangaroos will reduce overall grazing pressure. In an article published today at On Line Opinion entitled ‘Kangaroo: Designed for our Times’ by Executive Officer of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, John Kelly, […]

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To Cull Kangaroos, or Not: Nichole Hoskin

An Australian Department of Defence proposal to cull 400 Eastern grey kangaroos in Belconnen has generated a diverse range of responses on ABC News Online comments. A contributor, Annabelle, said, “The killing of kangaroos for convenience is disgusting. Killing kangaroos is just like killing whales-not necessary. It is a hang over from the ‘we must […]

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