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To Tax or Trade Carbon

Australian economist Alan Moran considers the advantages of taxing versus trading to reduce carbon emissions and concludes the best policy for Australia is to do nothing till 2020, then catch up by 2050, given the Treasury’s estimate at 3 percent of GDP.  Read more here.

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Dishonest Advertising on the ETS: AEF Media Release

GetUp’s global warming television ads (to air today) are dishonest and inaccurate, according to Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Chair of the Australian Environment Foundation. “For all sorts of reasons a number of groups, of which Internet campaigners GetUp.org.au are one, are pretending that the Rudd Government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme is a minor 5 to15 percent […]

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Store Carbon as Biochar

One solution to “carbon pollution” is biochar, but according to the Australian government’s policy on emissions trading, the science of biochar is not fully developed – so it can’t be included in any emissions trading scheme.  According to Environmental Scientist, Professor Syd Shea: Biochar is a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water. The carbon […]

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Green Companies in the Red

Nascent green industry’s balance sheets are beginning to bleed red… for the giant wind farm project to be economically viable we will have to wait for fossil-fuel prices to rise again. Read more here.

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