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Business Must Answer to ‘Occupy Wall Street’: Adam Creighton

I don’t usually touch on economics at this blog, unless there is a clear science link, because it is not something I know much about. But I was so pleased to read the following piece by Adam Creighton this morning at On Line Opinion. It clearly articulates what I perceive to be right about the [...]


Garnaut’s Second Update, Sceptics are the White Swans: A Note from David Stockwell and Cohenite

THE Australian government relies on various science experts to argue its case in favour of anthropogenic global warming [AGW]; people like Will Steffen, David Karoly and the ubiquitous Tim Flannery supply the scientific credentials for the government’s belief in AGW. The economic gravitas to the government’s proposed economics measures to solve AGW are provided by their [...]

‘Carbon Price’ Won’t Reduce Emissions from Power Stations

THE Australian government has announced plans to introduce a carbon price scheme forcing industry to buy a permit for each tonne of carbon dioxide emitted from July 1, 2012.  A trading system, with the carbon permit price set on a market linked to other schemes overseas, could follow in three to five years.  But the scheme [...]

The Cost of Reducing Carbon Emissions

‘MORE than $5.5 billion has been spent by federal governments during the past decade on climate change programs that are delivering only small reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  ‘An analysis of government schemes designed to cut emissions by direct spending or regulatory intervention reveals they have cost an average $168 for each tonne of carbon [...]

More Politics from Ross Garnaut: A Note from Des Moore

LAST November Ross Garnaut was commissioned, for an unknown fee, to produce an Update of the Review of climate change he completed in 2008. Garnaut is an economist who describes himself as an independent expert but he acts like a believer in a greater role for government and has worked closely with Labor governments. As one [...]

Climate-Related Policy Should be Evolutionary Not Presumptive

I have come to believe that the official expert advisory process, and the IPCC process within it, are seriously flawed… Two related forms of evidence have brought me to this view. They represent findings on my part, not presuppositions. First is the evidence that work which the IPCC and its member governments have drawn on [...]

Cost of Carbon Could Create Tariff War

A world tariff war driven by Europe and the US over greenhouse gas emissions is likely unless there is a strong global agreement to prevent climate change.   Read more here.

Need Floor-Price for Carbon?

A shake-up in the way the “boom and bust” carbon markets are working in Europe is being urged ahead of tomorrow’s auction of new emission certificates by the UK government.  Read more here.

Economist Reports on Climate Conference in New York

SPAIN has business leakage, California has banned all coal-based electricity, cap and trade creates vested interests in property rights – these are some of the issues economist Alan Moran reports on in his summary of the recent Climate Change Conference in New York.   Dr Moran also notes that scientists at the conference did not agree on [...]

Recession Stops Global Warming

Cartoon by Nicholson from ”The Australian” newspaper: