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Not a Natural Disaster, Just another Rainfall Deficit

In announcing yesterday’s $320 million drought assistance package for farmers there was some mention of the situation out west being akin to a natural disaster. A more accurate description would be that its part of a natural cycle – not a natural disaster. There are many reasons why landholders may be particularly vulnerable to this [...]


It Never Rains

“POETRY, said Auden, makes nothing happen. Usually it doesn’t, but sometimes a poem gets quoted in a national argument because everybody knows it, or at least part of it, and for the occasion a few lines of familiar poetry suddenly seem the best way of summing up a viewpoint… “Before the floods, proponents of the [...]

Market Research and Unhealthy Rivers: David Boyd

The market researchers/analysts tell me that you wont win a “counter-intuitive” argument. Because people have been conditioned by repetitive claims of a particular point of view, to forthrightly state the opposite is likely to be dismissed out of hand. So they advise coming at the issue in a more subtle or different way. Sorry,but I [...]

Save the Murray: Remove the Barrages

The release of a new Murray Darling Basin plan on October 8, 2010, is likely to reignite debate over how best to solve the problems of the Murray River. It will further pit some environmentalists and some South Australians against upstream irrigators as a debate over how to fix the two very large freshwater lakes [...]

Dust Storm Hits Central Eastern Australia

AS I look outside the sky is orange with dust.  It irritates the nose and eyes, tickles the throats and sits heavily on the chest.  And I am inside. According to all the news reports visibility is 10 metres at Broken Hill to the far west and 100 metres in Sydney just 150 kilometres east [...]

The Drought Breaks in Australia

Australia is a land of “drought and flooding rains”.   Last week parts of north-eastern Australia received a “year’s rain within a week” and many inland areas are now sea.  There is a photo gallery at the CourierMail website entitled “Queensland Under Water” and the following photograph of the Urandangi Hotel copied from the gallery.

More Drought for Southern Australia?

Based on the 130 years of data, Baker predicts that the current solar cycle, which reached a minimum in 2007, will continue a bit longer. In fact, he says, “there could be a 100-year minimum in solar activity,” meaning much of Australia could experience a prolonged drought.  Read more here.

Australian Parliamentarian, and Sceptic, Banned Prevented from Tabling Climate Data

DR Dennis Jensen BAppSc (RMIT), MSc (Melb), PhD (Monash) is the only member of the Australian Parliament with any training in science a PhD in a science discipline.  [As correctly pointed out in the comments following this posting, my brother Jim Turnour, also a member of the Federal Parliament, has a Batchelor of Agricultural Science.  [...]

How Melbourne’s Climate Has Changed: A reply to Dr David Jones (Part 3)

Rainfall data back to 1863 does not support the claim made by the Head of Climate Analysis at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that there has been recent unusual climate change in Melbourne.

Virtual Science for Australian Drought Policy Review

Australia could experience drought twice as often and the events will be twice as severe within 20 to 30 years, according to a new Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO report. Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke yesterday released the report commissioned by the Rudd Government as part of a review of national drought [...]