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GM Ban Challenged

It is not every day that I agree with the Hon Warren Truss MP but today’s media release from him is a beauty: Australian Agriculture Minister Warren Truss today called on State and Territory governments to end their moratoria on the cultivation of GM crops if they are at all serious about making their jurisdictions […]

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Running on What?

Just last month the PM announced the appointment of a taskforce to “examine the latest scientific evidence on the impacts of ethanol and other biofuel use on human health, environmental outcomes and automotive operations” (quote not at above link). Is Australia lagging behind the rest of the world in promotion and use of alternative fuels? […]

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GM Food Crops (Part 3)

Yesterday ABC radio’s The World Today ran a story on GM wheat as a solution to Western Australia’s salinity problems. While a general solution to salinity I am sure it is not, a salt tolerant/more salt tolerant wheat variety must be a welcome addition to the mix of varieties currently available. I was aware of […]

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“Monsanto is not alone in the research and development of crops designed to ward off destructive pests and disease, to require reduced pesticide applications, and to increase nutrition and yield in areas with traditionally poor showing for both. Some of these pioneering life science research centers are for-profit firms. Some are government agencies. Others are […]

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GM Food Crops (Part 1)

Following are some views on GM food crops. What do you think and why? “The Overall impact on pesticide use of just the GM crops currently available has been enormous. Reductions in pesticide use from just 8 GM crops in the US have been calculated at more than 21 million kg in the year 2001 […]

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