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Murray-Gate: Some Questions for Media Watch

ABC News Watch is unsure of the motivation behind Media Watch’s inquiries regarding my research on the Murray River. Based on their understanding, none of the 11 members of the Media Watch team have the scientific qualifications, or necessary scientific experience, to comment or judge the science behind the policy debate about the Murray River. […]

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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Two Questions for Your Federal Parliamentarian

WE all know that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the main source of news and information for many Australians. The ABC is funded and owned by the government, but the ABC is apparently editorially independent as a consequence of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983. So, who is the ABC accountable to? Certainly not […]

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Media Watch Under Scrutiny

MEDIA Watch contacted me on Friday with a barrage of questions concerning my work on the need to restore the Murray River’s estuary. Their line of questioning suggested that I was misleading the Australian public on the important issue of water reform in the Murray Darling. Indeed, the implication was that I am but a […]

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More ABC Bias, But Anyway

I should probably be flattered to be invited on to the popular ABC TV program Q&A as a panelist.  But why is the promo for the program next Monday advertising Tim Flannery as ‘scientist’ and me as ‘climate sceptic’? http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/ Tony Jones could refer to us both as ‘scientists’.  Alternatively the promo could suggest Tim is an ‘alarmist’ […]

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Water in Murray River Not At Record Low

I spilt my tea over a story at ABC News Online last Thursday. Entitled ‘Murray River flows at record low’, without quoting a specific source, it stated: “The water level in the Murray River is at its lowest since records began more than 100 years ago.” I rang a couple of friends that live beside […]

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