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Postgraduate Research Opportunity

INFLUENTIAL, but seriously flawed research suggesting agricultural pesticides killed mature stands of mangroves at Mackay in Queensland was based on experiments with mangrove seedlings that were dosed with concentrations of Diuron orders of magnitude higher than anything found in waterways. Seedling were used because it was claimed that it was impossible to grow mature mangrove [...]


Gillard’s $4 Million Propaganda: Send It Back!

Dear Jennifer, As you are probably aware, Julia Gillard announced recently that she wants to spend four million dollars of our hard-earned tax dollars to mail a pro-tax propaganda campaign to every Australian household. And this is on top of the twelve million dollars in TV Advertising already announced. And this is just the start! [...]

Join the Convoy to Canberra

THE Australian government has lost the confidence of many of its people particularly those in rural and regional Australia. ‘A Convoy of No Confidence’ in the Australian government will start on August 17 and will arrive at Parliament House Canberra on the August 22. According to the ‘Just Grounds Online Community’ convoys will be on [...]

Spectator Australia Debate on Carbon Tax

POLLS show strong public opposition to the minority government’s policy of increasing the price of energy to combat climate change. Meanwhile, a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions remains elusive. In this environment, is the proposed carbon tax justified? Join the Spectator Australia debate on Wednesday 3 August at Tattersalls Club, Sydney, between 6 [...]

Orange-thighed Tree Frogs: Part 2

Neil Hewett, who lives in the Daintree, posted on Orange-thighed Tree Frogs in October 2007.   That blog post has gathered a couple of recent comments, including from Shane Panton near Coffs Harbour, NSW, claiming to have Orange-thighed frogs mating on his property … And start here with planning for your holiday in North Queensland… [...]

Nominate a Best Blog: Graham Young

It’s been a big year, especially the second half. An election where they disinvited Kevin Rudd, the Republicans rolled the Democrats, and now Julian Assange rolls everyone. Plenty for bloggers to blog about, and we’re hunting for the best of them. Best Blogs is a collaboration with Club Troppo where we look for the best [...]

Invitation to The Land’s Gala Centenary Dinner

 Set down for Saturday, February 26, 2011 at Sydney Olympic Park Homebush, The Land’s gala Centenary Dinner will officially kick start a year of celebrations designed to acknowledge those who have supported us over the last 100 years. The Land is the flagship paper for Rural Press and I’ve been a fortnightly columnist since about [...]

Back Our Basin Petition

The Gillard Labor Government must cut the spin and immediately remove the Guide to the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan and ensure that economic and social factors receive the same consideration as environmental factors in the future.  Sign the petition here Start another petition to make sure they get the message!

Free Burma’s political prisoners

Dear Jennifer, Fantastic news! After spending 15 of the past 21 years unjustly under house arrest, Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is finally free. But the Nobel laureate was just one of 2,200 political prisoners in Burma punished for simply engaging in peaceful political activities. Now, as the people of Burma rally around [...]

John Williams, Wentworth Group, to debate Jennifer Marohasy, Australian Environment Foundation

The Future of the Murray Darling Basin Dr Jennifer Marohasy | Dr John Williams | Sydney Writer, biologist and founding member of the Australian Environment Foundation, Dr Jennifer Marohasy will debate the future of the Murray Darling Basin with commissioner of The Natural Resources Commission, Dr John Williams. The NRC reports to the NSW Premier on [...]