$10,000 funding limit misleading

The impression from the media over the last week has been that green groups are now only going to get a maximum of $10,000 each year in funding from the government The reality is quite different. Some groups will have their federal government funding cut. The Queensland Conservation Council, for example, received $92,000 in funding […]

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Is stressed dead?

Today’s Australian (pg 6) states that 75 per cent of red gums along the Murray River are either dead, dying or stressed. Imagine if a journalist ran the story: 75 per cent of Melbournians are either dead, dying or stressed. The obvious question might be: So what percentage of Melbournians are dying? We know they […]

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A Progressive Environmentalist?

On Tuesday night Greg Bourne (CEO of WWF Australia) told a crowd at the Brisbane Institute that WWF was a progressive organization essentially because WWF believed in climate change and wanted to do something about it. I am not sure that I can agree with this definition of ‘progressive’. Take the case of WWF and […]

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