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The ABC of Rutherglen

IF global warming is the greatest moral issue of our time, then the truth really does matter. But this morning, I felt that I had been shut outside, or at least cut-off, without having a chance to tell the whole story. Bronwen O’Shea the host of an ABC radio program for the Goulburn Murray, a [...]

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Open Thread

Its that time of year when the bush turkeys in Queensland start their nest building. The one in our backyard wants to build right in front of the door to the shed John erected a few months ago. John sweeps the leaves away, the turkey puts them back.

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Revisionist Approach Destroys Information About Natural Cycles Embedded in Climate Data

“THE process of long range forecasting is thousands of years in the making and is still used in older cultures. The Greeks inherited their knowledge from the people of the Indus Valley and Asia, Hebraic Sumerians, Chaldeans and from northern Africa. Agricultural economies needed reliable calendars and recognition of systems that both influenced and tracked [...]

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Open Thread

“ONLY beliefs are true or false, or sentences that express beliefs.” That’s according to Marianne Talbot, University of Oxford, explaining “critical reasoning” in a course available for download through iTunes. A theory, like anthropogenic global warming, is of course, meant to be scientifically-based so it should be open to logical argument and falsification.

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Don’t Retire: Start a PhD in Paradise

BEFORE the 20th Century there was no age for retirement. There existed a leisured class who through birth or industry could choose what work they did – if and when. But, even they didn’t retire. Retirement, like unemployment, can potentially reduce you to discussion of people, events, and lost opportunities, when great minds discuss ideas. [...]

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Tangled Temperature Trends

ON 10th June 2014 I sent the Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for the Environment, an email suggesting that a cooling temperature trend was establishing across northeastern Australia. I recently received a reply from the Bureau with a covering letter from Senator Simon Birmingham, in response to this email and also my letter of 4th [...]

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