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Missing Observational Data for Middle Percy Island

IT is valid for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to estimate the intensity of a cyclone using computer models when it is far out to sea.  But once that same cyclone passes over a weather recording station the modelling data must be updated with real world observational data. In the case of Marcia even after this […]

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How do we know that Cyclone Marcia was a Category 5 at landfall?

THE Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued a media release last night (19thFebruary) with the headline “Tropical Cyclone Marcia to reach Category 5 system at landfall”.    This morning there was extensive media reporting of Marcia having reached landfall as a Category 5. But where is the evidence?  And who is asking for it?  Like the Bureau, the […]

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Patrick Moore has Nothing New to Offer

HIS greatest claim to fame is that he co-founded Greenpeace. Not something I would be proud of. Of course, I’m referring to Patrick Moore. He is touring Australia at the moment and every other day I get a request from someone asking I promote the tour here, at this web blog. Steve Kates heard Moore […]

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Open Thread

Lots of stories in the Weekend Australian about climate change and related issues… the editorial includes commentary about Graham Lloyd’s reporting on ‘the pause’. Also comment by John Ferguson, Victorian Political Editor, that: “THE consumer bill for the nation’s largest desalination plant is set to rise to more than $2 billion, as heavy rain and […]

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The Secret is To Keep Thinking

ACCORDING to a Marxist, and good friend of mine, ‘the left’ has lost its way because too many adopt the ‘correct line’ on issues without any need to investigate first. In essence, they have stopped thinking. All this is explained in his first post at ‘C21st Left’ with the slogan/subheading, ‘Sous les paves, la plage!’ […]

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crabs are real, homogenised data is not

Open Thread

Sophie C. Lewis and David J. Karoly have just had a paper published by the American Meteorological Society. Its starts on page 31 of a special edition, ‘Explaining Extreme Events of 2013: From a Climate Perspective’ that is a special supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 95, Number 9, September 2014. […]

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