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Ten of the Worst Climate Research Papers: 5 Years On

I consider anthropogenic global warming, AGW, a failed theory, but it still shuffles on like an animated corpse sustained by money, politics and the faithful.  The faithful keep publishing junk science.  I put a list together of the 10 worst climate science research papers in September 2008 [1].  I added to this list in April […]

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Expensive Water Still in Dams: Barnaby Joyce

Media Release 850 billion litres of water purchased through Federal Government buybacks has not been used according to an Australian Audit Office report, Commonwealth Environmental Watering Activities, released today. This is despite the Federal Government not expecting to acquire even half the Murray Darling Basin water it has deemed necessary for environmental watering purposes. The […]

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Dam Building in Singapore

MANY South Australians, and the Australian government, and the Murray Darling Basin Authority, claim that it is necessary to have barrages across the bottom of the Murray River because of the upstream irrigation industries [1]. There is no equivalent large-scale irrigation in Singapore, but they have barrages across the Marina channel. In Singapore, unlike Australia, […]

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Open Thread

“NO one can deny that aspects of the environment are predictable. Day follows night, summer follows winter, most of us sleep when it’s dark, eat at midday and watch the 6.00pm news. Random events are for the most part whimsically quaint, as when the phone rings and it turns out to be the person you […]

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Outer Barrier Reef, Photograph by Walter Starck

Haven’t Lost Half of the Great Barrier Reef: Part 2, Junk Methodology

HOW could scientists conclude that half of the Great Barrier Reef has been lost in the last 27 years: target coral reefs most affected by cyclones, coral bleaching and crown-of-thorn starfish outbreaks, while ignoring more representative reefs with healthy corals. And I didn’t make that up! It’s documented in a peer-reviewed study by H. Sweatman, […]

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