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Global Temperature Update to February 2013

“On average, global air temperatures were somewhat below the 1998-2006 average, although with large regional differences… “The global oceanic heat content has been rather stable since 2003/2004… The above quotes and charts are from a monthly newsletter with global meteorological information updated to February 2013: Compiled by Ole Humlum, Professor of Physical Geography, Physical Geography, Institute of […]

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Absurd Murray Darling Basin Plan Now Irreversible

THE key plank of the national water reform agenda in Australia, the Murray Darling Basin Plan, was presented to the Australian Parliament on 22nd November 2012, and was passed with the support of the Coalition on 29th November. There was a dis-allowance motion, but that expired earlier this week. The same day, Tuesday 19th March […]

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Media Rules Prohibit Dissent

MODERN history suggests that democracy aligns, and progresses, with the expansion of civil liberties, including access by ordinary citizens to government information. But the new media reform bills tabled in [Australian] federal Parliament last week appear unashamedly about the introduction of an additional layer of bureaucracy unaccountable to the public or the judiciary. To address […]

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Climategate 3: Thank you Mr FOIA

SOMEONE hacked into the Climatic Research Unit, CRU, at the University of East Anglia and published thousands of confidential emails between leading climate scientists online in November 2009 [1]. Many of the emails showed that leading proponents of anthropogenic global warming were having great difficulty justifying their own propaganda. One of my favourite emails is […]

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National Parks Fueled Summer Bushfires in the Pilliga

IN January 2013, from the comfort of their lounge rooms, many Australians watched the forests of the Pilliga burn. The word Pilliga wasn’t mentioned in the sensational reportage as such. The stories were primarily about the devastation and drama of Australian bushfires. Mention was made of the town of Coonabarabran and of the Warrumbungles National […]

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Cooking Books for Hot Summers

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has “confirmed” that it is been the hottest summer on record in Australia. But I’m sceptical. The “record breaking hot summer” is apparently a statistical fact derived from simply averaging across 104 or 112 localities – depending on whom at the Bureau is providing the information.  No mention is made […]

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