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King Tide Not So High

Jen, Here is a photograph of the King Tide yesterday, 12th January 2013, at Cleveland Point, Moreton Bay.

The King Tides here, where I used to live from 1946 until the early 1950s, used to cover the lawn on this land by about an inch (25mm) or so. Today’s King Tide was 2.68 m at the Brisbane Bar (about as high as they get) and the barometer reading at high tide was 1012.5 hPa (normal).

There were no enhancing or diminishing factors influencing sea levels that I am aware of. The remaining decking on the ruined jetty (click on photograph to see more of jetty) is at the height of the top of the sea wall (lawn height) so it can be seen that the King Tide height is about 300 mm below the lawn height.

So, according to my observations, sea levels in Moreton Bay have gone down about 300 mm over the last 67 years.

Cheers, Spangled Drongo


467 Responses to “King Tide Not So High”

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  1. Comment from: Neville

    The ABC’s Dr Karl displays complete ignorance about warming.

    When will this fool wake up? There is simply no excuse for his ignorance.

  2. Comment from: el gordo

    Germany experiences gloomy winter, similar to those before global warming hysteria became popular.

  3. Comment from: John Sayers

    If it weren’t for France’s nuclear power stations running flat chat Germany, the UK, Denmark and Belgium would all be freezing their tits off!

    They go on about German solar power production yet Germany imports two thirds of its power!

    Denmark’s vast array of wind turbines are all frozen stiff, Sweden and Norway survive because they have vast Hydro systems.

    It’s a joke!

  4. Comment from: Robert

    Rest assured, Germany is going brown after green. Two new BoA units have just been added to the Neurath facility, 1100 MW each. Lots more underway. Lots more lignite found in Eastern Europe. It won’t lie about. BoA technology makes it easier to adjust and interact with the (yawn) renewables. Don’t know why they bother with that, but at least the units are NEW and EFFICIENT. The two new units at Westfalen, a hard-coal station, look pretty flash: 1600 MW, less coal, less water, and (yawn) 20% (yawn) less CO2.

    Hard to beat our Latrobe, of course, with 25% of the world’s known reserves of lignite. How green is that valley – not! Plenty of green places left in Oz. It’s green and wet everywhere I look. We need to get down with some brown.

    Love coal. Let’s goldplate our coal power industries, top to bottom.

  5. Comment from: Neville

    Robert, the Labor party and resources minister Ferguson agree that modified brown coal should be exported.

    How’s that for hyocritical, bi-polar dysfunction? They worry about reducing our flea bite by 5% by 2020 (substantial ammount by fraudulent certificates) but are happy to intentionally create an entire new source of black coal for export.

    If it could be another Pilbara that would mean millions more tonnes exported per annum. So much for their rant that “reducing co2 is the greatest moral challenge that we face.”

    This has to be the greatest con trick, fraud and super Ponzi scheme for the last 100 years. We will waste billions $ every year for zero impact on climate and temp and it’s easily exposed using simple kindy sums.

  6. Comment from: debbie

    Oh FFS!!!!
    Have fun with this one Robert.

  7. Comment from: Mark A

    Summer records?

    I don’t know where they are getting their numbers from Debbie but I
    thought this summer was on the cool side.

    I can remember some hot summers and this was nothing like them.
    Sure it’s not over yet, but the claim is in already!

  8. Comment from: Robert

    Deb, the SMH will be a TABLOID within a few days. Now that their tree-gobbling days are over they’ll wag that green finger twice as hard. But they’re a lowly tabloid!

    Really, if anyone can construe this summer as super-hot they must be living somewhere far from me. There were a couple of super hot weeks, and, after the coolest summer in memory, it was a surprise to have to break out the electric fan. The lack of cloud cover would have meant there were a lot more high maxes than normal in Dec-Jan. It was bloody hot, but so what? The record that was broken in Sydney was from 1939, and that ’39 heatwave was far more long lasting over a much greater area. It was a death-dealer.

    Anyway, I can no longer access any details of Big Heats in 1960, 1939, 1895-6. and, even if I could, how do you do the comparison? We can still know the rainfall extremes, and the big dries of 1888, 1902 and 1939. We certainly know that this summer’s flooding has nothing on times past, years like 1950 and 1963. I tried once again to explain to one of the mattress-irrigators banging on about recent “extreme” rain that the Hunter flood of 1955 caused the formation of an inland sea to the west of Sydney that was the size of England and Wales. In the end, it was like talking to a senior SMH journalist.

    Anyway, the hottest official temp recorded in Oz and in the whole bloody hemisphere was in 1960. That won’t count with our Green Betters till it is exceeded. Similarly, the coldest official temp in the Northern Hemisphere won’t be getting much of an airing. It’s dated 2013!

    Welcome to the Old Normal, warmies.

  9. Comment from: Debbie

    Here’s some more of it.

    I agree Mark A,
    Except for that very small run in early January, this has definitely been a mild summer in my part of the world.
    BTW, I can remember much longer runs of extremely hot summer weather than the run this January.
    The one I can remember as one of the toughest here in the MIA was late Jan early Feb 1983.
    My parents and their peers can remember plenty of earlier ones.
    It’s much easier to cope with these days however as we nearly all have air conditioners in our homes, in our vehicles and in our workplaces. The kids all have them in schools too.

  10. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    sheeesh here we go again, Ch9 weather report just reiterated the claim of “hottest summer evah”

  11. Comment from: el gordo

    What a relief, the weather is back to normal.

    ‘Over the last five years, only last winter saw the mercury rise above the 3.3C (38F) average – taken from 30 years of statistics from 1981.

    ‘Met Office says figures are ‘part of normal weather patterns’

    Read more:
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  12. Comment from: John Sayers

    I downloaded the raw data for Dec, Jan and Feb (summer) from this site.

    If you add the anomalies 2012 – 13 is the highest at 3.34 Mainly due to an extremely January anomaly of 1.76.

    but 1972 – 73 is the next highest at 2.63.

    1997 – 98 is 2.39.

  13. Comment from: el gordo

    The warmists are running hard with this new paper … its the old chicken and egg problem of what came first to end glaciation.

  14. Comment from: el gordo


    ‘LABOR is considering dissolving the $218 million-a-year Climate Change Department as part of a cost-saving restructure that could see it merged with another government bureaucracy.

    ‘The department is part of a $1.6 billion-a-year climate change behemoth in place to administer the government’s carbon tax. It also includes the Clean Energy Regulator, the Climate Change Authority and the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator.’

    Joe Kelly in the Oz

  15. Comment from: jennifer

    Hey Everyone, I shall close this thread in the next day or two. I’ve opened a new one. Cheers,

  16. Comment from: cohenite

    John Sayers; thanks for that; Jo and her team are looking at this claim and I have passed on your analysis to them.

    January was hot, but the rest of the summer was not and there are big question marks around the January record; see:

  17. Comment from: jennifer

    This thread is now closed. Thanks everyone for sharing.

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