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November 2011
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Wind farms are useless, says Duke of Edinburgh

OLD style windmills dot the Australian rural landscape. They were once critical for pump watering from bores, creeks and dams to tanks to water sheep and cattle.

Wind turbines are a variation on the old theme. There are apparently 3,421 wind turbines in the UK mostly build for electricity generation; two-thirds of these are owned by foreign companies that apparently make most of their money from government subsidies generated by the wind farms.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, apparently disapproves of them.

That’s according to a private conversation he had with Esbjorn Wilmar, the managing director of a leading wind farm company.

Buckingham Palace won’t deny or confirm the conversation. Curious that Mr Wilmar was so keen to pass on the Duke’s views given the Duke is so critical of his business.

Read more at the Telegraph:

Wind farms are useless, says Duke of Edinburgh By Jonathan Wynne-Jones


11 Responses to “Wind farms are useless, says Duke of Edinburgh”

  1. Comment from: Binny

    How do you make a holding tank for electricity?
    Without any means of storage windmills are useless.

  2. Comment from: Neville

    The Duke was only stating the bleeding obvious, once again simple maths shows us they are ridiculously expensive and useless, plus a vile blot on landscapes throughout the world.

    The only thing more expensive and useless is solar derived electricity and neither of these forms of electricity generation could exist without countless billions endlessly pumped in by the poor bloody taxpayers. Simple kindy maths once again, so why are we doing it?

    It won’t change the climate or temp by a jot, or extreme weather events, or change SLR or OHC or SST etc, simple maths once again.

  3. Comment from: el gordo

    The Duke is the only member of ‘The Firm’ with heretic values, I applaud his attempt to open up this can of worms known as wind farms.

  4. Comment from: Neville

    This info just proves what pig ignorant fools Juliar and Labor are introducing a co2 tax, plus introducing these super expensive new forms of electricity production.

    The power companies are being forced by law to introduce solar, wind etc as a percentage of their mix and of course driving up the cost of power to the poor customers.

    These are the same long suffering customers that have to fund these absurdly expensive and inefficient types of generation through their taxes.

  5. Comment from: spangled drongo

    The MSM would love to make an example of the Duke for this “gaff” but it just happens to cut too close to the bone.

    So it won’t get too much coverage.

    Hopefully though, it will get others to speak out against the madness.

  6. Comment from: hunter

    I wonder what Charles will say?

  7. Comment from: Pikey

    It will not matter hunter.
    Every time Charles opens his mouth he speaks drivel.

  8. Comment from: Neville

    If the EU ETS is heading this far south then we are in for a disaster with a co2 price set at $23 a tonne. If the EU ETS crashes and doesn’t recover until 2025 we are in for a very hairy ride.

  9. Comment from: hunter

    Climategate 2.0 has arrived, just in time for Durban:
    I wonder how the media will rationalize ignoring this?
    I wonder how the believers like, deep down inside, knowing they are being used and tooled?
    Climate Science has been hijacked by some low class people posing as scientists.

  10. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Thanks hunter,

    I’ll bet the silence of the “lambs” will be deafening.

  11. Comment from: Neville

    Well it looks like the emails are genuine, but will the MSM try and ignore them this time?

    I can’t see it happening because there is a lot less support everywhere for CAGW than there was in 2009, pre Copenhagen.

    Anyhow it couldn’t have happened to a more ugly mob of fraudsters, let’s hope this time they are called to account.