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No Global Warming for 13 Years

It was hailed as proof that the world has warmed, the preliminary findings released with much fanfare just a week ago from a new and more accurate method of computing changes in world temperatures. At least that was the claim made at the time by the head of the expert team, Professor Richard Muller, that global warming is real.

Now, following accusations from a colleague that the public comment was misleading, Professor Muller has acknowledged that the BEST data might also indicate that world temperatures have not risen for about 13 years.

It is really not such a big deal, except that many prominent Australians, including Tim Flannery and Tony Jones, absolutely cringe when people like me tell them there has been no warming for the past decade. Remember how upset Professor Flannery and the audience were on Q&A last October when I made that simple statement of fact. And Mr Jones continued the argument after the program, insisting that I was wrong.  A clip of the relevant segment is here .

Read about Professor Muller’s revised assessment of global warming here:

Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague, by David Rose, in The Mail on Sunday, October 30, 2011


77 Responses to “No Global Warming for 13 Years”

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  1. Comment from: Another Ian

    Jen, This looks interesting –

  2. Comment from: el gordo

    Nice work Kuhnkat.

  3. Comment from: el gordo

    If regional cooling has already commenced we should see signs of it.

    The astonishing CAO in Darwin and Brisbane last winter are not good examples. With La Nina intrenched it was the wettest October in NSW since 1976, same for the MDB and the fourth consecutive month with above average

    With so much cloud about the temperatures were below average in NSW.

    Severe Storms
    withsmall hail reportedinNullamanna, Bilpinand

  4. Comment from: John Sayers

    This article at WUWT is a must read: context is everything.

  5. Comment from: Neville

    Interesting summary by Bolt of the clueless Ehrlich and his clueless followers here in Australia.

    Of course Robyn “100 metres” Williams interviewed this fool on the ABC. It’s amazing this fools failed predictions cover nearly half a century and yet the mad left are still stuck like glue to this idiocy. Just proves how delusional and mad these cultists really are.

  6. Comment from: Luke

    On “” – well you’d have to be a gullible drongo (like KookyKat) to be sprouting a map with no legend wouldn’t you. I thought it was a map of world vodka consumption myself. No legend – it could mean ANYTHING !

  7. Comment from: debbie

    O/T…probably more relevant to the previous post…but check this out.

  8. Comment from: Mark A

    no legend Luke?

    Are you colour blind?

  9. Comment from: kuhnkat

    Hey Little Lukey,

    I realize you don’t have the wherewithal to actually look for the underlying paper and links to data so I added them over at Chiefio’s. Since you are probably afraid to go there and look now, here they are again:

    Paper on reducing uncertainty that goes with the chart O’Sullivan put in his post:

    Animation of about 2 years of data collected by the satellite on CO2 concentrations:

    from this page:

    Doesn’t look quite like the lurid pictures that Finglebeen and other alarmists would have us believe about the massive CO2 industrialized nations add to the atmosphere now does it?? Wonder if he has been checking it out yet?? Nope, man still can’t hold a candle to the output of the oceans or the Rain Forests!!

  10. Comment from: el gordo

    Tony Brown offers this historical viewpoint of changing climate.

  11. Comment from: gavin

    For the last time; glaciers are still melting everywhere

  12. Comment from: cohenite

    “For the last time; glaciers are still melting everywhere”

    For the last time? That’s a relief; poor bloody glaciers.

  13. Comment from: el gordo

    Incalcitrant glaciers.

    Alice Springs enjoyed its coldest October on record, pity its only weather.

  14. Comment from: hunter

    You are simply wrong about glaciers are still melting everywhere, if you mean that to imply they are shrinking everywhere- which of course you are seeking to imply.
    Is it deliberate deception on your part?

  15. Comment from: kuhnkat


    “For the last time; glaciers are still melting everywhere”

    except in the US where the large snow falls in the last three years have started expanding a number of them!! (snicker)

    (has links to real reports)

    As the US has not been the exception to extra snow and cold I would think other areas in the Norther Hemisphere are also having similar Glacial Growth!! Alaska and Cali had already been exceptions to Goreball Warming melting the glaciers!!
    some NZ glaciers growing.

    Apparently when it is cold SOME glaciers can still be melting and when it is warm SOME can still grow. Goreball Warming apparently has little to do with it!!

  16. Comment from: gavin

    Gee, Guys; all I did was google GLACIERS, news, Oct 2011 to be updated for my first comment. No other guide required!

  17. Comment from: el gordo

    Meanwhile in Queensland its been wet and they experienced the ‘third lowest October state-averaged mean maximum temperature in 61 years of record.’

    It feels like regional cooling but…

  18. Comment from: MikeO

    Jennifer I watched some of the Q&A link.
    You say that the temperature rose about .8 over 150 years and that for the last decade practically nothing despite CO2 rising significantly in that time. You say this is measured data. Flannery starts talking about something else and pretends you disagree on the overall rise and saying it is more than CO2. So why are we putting a tax on it? Then Tony Jones switches the argument back to Greg Hunt, what the!! I then switched off. I don’t watch Q&A it produces nothing worthwhile and has a stacked audience. It is a cheer squad they do not listen and have no idea what a rational argument is.

  19. Comment from: Debbie

    . . . . It’s just, weather, noise, a wiggle/wobble etc :-) Take your pick from the litany.
    Did anyone notice the new post at Jonova? Don’t know how to link it from this tablet thingy.
    Worth a look.
    I agree with your comment re Q & A Mike. At least they weren’t asked questions about a Catholic saint this time.

  20. Comment from: Ian Thomson

    I see we are back into big snowfall in the NH already . Poor buggers sitting in planes , on the tarmac, for 7 hours. In October.
    Hold it, isn’t it accumulated snowfall that makes glaciers grow ?
    I find this a worry, myself. What if it gets cold here ? I mean eventually.
    No-one can afford to stay warm now.

    Q and A -I have been an avid reader of some of Tim’s writings . The expression on his face, when Jennifer was speaking disgusted me- Before he opened his mouth.

  21. Comment from: el gordo

    Not sure if the growing glaciers in the Rockies have been mentioned, for Gav’s edification.

  22. Comment from: Ross

    Jennifer, I know where you are coming from in regards to 911.I’ve met Prof Neils Harrit and Prof Steven Jones.They are sincere and honest people.We need more of them.

  23. Comment from: el gordo

    A long guest post by Philip Bradley, worth a look.

  24. Comment from: Schiller Thurkettle

    It is said that increasing CO2 follows a warming climate. So, does this mean no warming for the last 13 years means no increase in CO2 for the last 13 years?

  25. Comment from: debbie

    I just think it proves that they don’t really know as much as they think they do.
    Bloody climate just refuses to co operate with their predictive modelling and keeps indicating that maybe CO2 is NOT a key driving factor that can be clearly plotted and accounted for. Maybe it’s just a symptom and not a cause?
    Mother Nature (if our climate and environment was actually a personality) is just proving to be as ‘mysterious’ and unpredictable as she always was.
    She ( if our climate and environment actually had a gender) is no more the friend of ‘climate scientists and environmental scientists’ than anyone else.
    I’m seriously starting to question who needs to be protected from what or whom? The emerging data is certainly not making that clear at all!
    It’s getting murkier and murkier and murkier with each passing season both NH and SH :-)

  26. Comment from: el gordo

    Found this at Crikey.…/

    Probably deserves a rebuttal.

  27. Comment from: Jennifer Marohasy » Your Temperatures Diddled

    [...] 5. No Global Warming for 13 Years. [...]

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