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May 2011
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Archive for May, 2011

The Carbon Tax: All Style no Substance?

If the government was really serious about reducing carbon emissions it could just tax the coal industry to death. Instead it plans to make us pay more for everything by introducing a carbon tax and then compensate us and everyone potentially disadvantaged. The concept has not caught on with the average Australian who is against [...]


Send Tony Burke a Message

Last Saturday, Sydney-based organisation GetUp! launched a petition to ‘Save the Murray Darling’ explaining the Basin was on the verge of ecological collapse because of over-extraction from heavy irrigators. The petition already has nearly 40,000 signatures. Getup! is intending to present the petition to Environment and Water Minister, Tony Burke. This Saturday/today, there is a [...]

The Future is Not Green, But Grey: A Note from David Stockwell and Tony Cox

THE path up the carbon tax slippery slope was made clear when Greens deputy Christine Milne said “I certainly recognize that you are going to need a price at A$40 per tonne or more to shift from coal to gas and then a higher price still for gas to renewables.” Some Greens don’t even balk [...]

Value Adding in Australia, The Beginning of the End: A Note from Viv Forbes

News Alert: Smelting and refining of Mount Isa copper in Queensland to cease The recent Xstrata decision to phase out their world class copper smelting and refining operations in Australia tells us that the taxes, processing, transport and energy costs that Xstrata expects in Australia are already uncompetitive. The dreamers in the Canberra cocoon always [...]

The Left Mobilizes to ‘Save the Murray’

THE left in Australia can mobile very quickly with ‘Getup’ securing over 18,000 signatures on its petition to ‘Save the Murray’ since it launched the campaign just yesterday. The letter they sent out is full of misinformation including comment that: “The Murray Darling Basin has been sucked dry by decades of over extraction. Despite recent [...]

More Government Waste on Unsustainable Lake System

Driving home late this afternoon I heard Tony Burke, the Federal Minister for Water and Environment, on ABC news radio explaining that because of “over-allocation” in the Murray Darling Basin the Coorong had suffered during the recent drought. So, he visited the region today to provide an additional $118 million to ensure a “healthy and [...]

New Alliance Opposed to Carbon Tax: The Galileo Movement

“The principal aim of this Movement is to first win the battle against the currently threatened tax on carbon dioxide and then to win the war against any drive for ever putting a price on it,” said Case Smit announcing the launch of the new Australian-based website and movement, The Galileo Movement. Mr Smit, and [...]

How to Push-Up Sea Levels

Data on sea level rise does not support past dire predictions, so the official data is being corrected up. That’s right the official data is going to be adjusted up to ‘correct’ for expanding ocean basins and La Nina. “One important change in these releases is that we are now adding a correction of 0.3 [...]

New YouTube Video Popular with Alarmists: Who’s a Climate Scientist?

I have been sent links to this very popular youtube video by various believers in anthropogenic global warming including mainstream media personalities who apparently think its cool. Perhaps you need to be a believer to appreciate it?

Greenpeace NZ Loses Charity Status

Charity status gives organisations tax benefits. Greenpeace New Zealand lost its charity status last year, and on Monday lost an appeal on the basis of its political activities and the illegal activities of some of its members. According to 3News New Zealand: “Non-violent, but potentially illegal activities (such as trespass), designed to put (in the [...]