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February 2011
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Archive for February, 2011

What to Listen to, And Read, This Week

Here is a clever video about what is wrong with government’s latest planning scheme for the Murray Darling Basin. Interestingly Topher has quoted extensively from my 2003 monograph ‘Myth and the Murray: Measuring the Real State of the River Environment’. *********** Consider this an open thread. Let other readers of this blog know what you [...]


Mysterious, ‘Dr X’ says Universe Is NOT Expanding: A Note from Joseph A. Olson

WHAT first began as ‘rumored’ science on conservative websites is now being reinforced by what can only be described as the foremost authority on the Expanding Universe.  The thought that there was a Non Expanding Theory has been introduced by a trained engineer, who has turned rogue astronomer.  The following quote from Dr X does [...]

‘Carbon Price’ Won’t Reduce Emissions from Power Stations

THE Australian government has announced plans to introduce a carbon price scheme forcing industry to buy a permit for each tonne of carbon dioxide emitted from July 1, 2012.  A trading system, with the carbon permit price set on a market linked to other schemes overseas, could follow in three to five years.  But the scheme [...]

Why Action on AGW

LABOR must win back voters lost to the Greens by advocating stronger action on climate change and supporting gay marriage, according to a secret internal review of the party’s performance that also urges the government to do more to court votes in immigrant communities.   The Australian.

Big Bang Rebuttal, Part 1: A Note from Joseph A. Olson

SUPERSTITION has exerted a powerful force on human psyche and history.  Strengthened with a few facts, a superstition becomes accepted reality until new perceptions can reopen debate.  That is an exciting possibility in today’s Nouveau Renaissance.  Humanity’s new course needs a road sign: “Caution, Falling False Paradigms Ahead”. Climategate has shown that even the most well [...]

A Real Opportunity for the Australian Greens to Be the Farmers’ Friend

In the lead up to the NSW State Election some Australian Green’s candidates have been claiming they are the farmer’s friend (Wolves’ ain’t so bad, Jeremy Bradley, February 10, The Land, pg. 26).   Certainly there is no reason for continued conflict between conservationists and farmers in a land so vast and resource rich as Australia.  [...]

Aftershocks Continue in New Zealand

The death toll from the earthquake that devastated the New Zealand city of Christchurch now stands at 75, with more than 300 people missing. New Zealand has a national monitoring and response system in place for earthquake, volcanic and flood disasters  called GeoNet.  This website reports: “The city had been comparatively lucky with both the location and timing of [...]

Environmental Elements that Cause Illness: A Note from Krista Peterson

Pesticides, plastics, and VOCs are some of the numerous chemicals that come to mind when we think about pollutants.  However, not all substances that can contaminate our air and water are manmade.   Many materials found in nature can become pollutants if we misuse them.

What to Listen to, and Read, this Week

Consider this an open thread.  Let other readers of this blog know what you are listening to, and reading, this week by way of a comment. And consider donating to the continued operation of this blog.   There is an orange button at the top right hand corner of this page.    This blog is about community, [...]

A Profitable Discharge of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Abstract OSRAM is one of the leading manufacturers of light bulbs in the world. They claim their OSRAM Tungsten light bulb is an “ecological” lamp3 because of a reduction in losses due to thermal radiation. In particular, they claim that due to a sophisticated coating on the bulb the thermal (infrared) radiation is reflected and [...]