Archive | January 10, 2011

Snowy Hydro – The Business: Part 2, by Max Talbot

OVER the last few weeks I have posted information suggesting that Snowy Hydro has not managed the vast waters under its control appropriately and in particular that it has failed to store flood waters for subsequence seasons and even exacerbated flooding in the Riverina by making water releases from Lake Eucumbene – the system’s central […]

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Orange-thighed Tree Frogs: Part 2

Neil Hewett, who lives in the Daintree, posted on Orange-thighed Tree Frogs in October 2007.   That blog post has gathered a couple of recent comments, including from Shane Panton near Coffs Harbour, NSW, claiming to have Orange-thighed frogs mating on his property … And start here with planning for your holiday in North Queensland… […]

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Floods Steal Precious Topsoil?

According to journalist Peter Sheehan writing in today’s Sydney Morning Herald: “The rivers have been running brown. A lot of the lifeblood of this country has been gushing away in liquid mountains we don’t even see.  A few sages warned that the worst thing that could happen to Australia after a decade of drought was […]

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