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Archive for November, 2010

The Case of Irish Oaks Tree Rings

Queen’s University Belfast holds an extensive database on tree rings, particularly Irish oaks; information that may be used in the reconstruction of past climate conditions.  A request for this information from Doug Keenan under the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Information Legislation was disputed on the basis of intellectual property rights, compliance costs and usefulness of [...]


Invitation to The Land’s Gala Centenary Dinner

 Set down for Saturday, February 26, 2011 at Sydney Olympic Park Homebush, The Land’s gala Centenary Dinner will officially kick start a year of celebrations designed to acknowledge those who have supported us over the last 100 years. The Land is the flagship paper for Rural Press and I’ve been a fortnightly columnist since about [...]

Bobos in Paradise, and in Australia

IT is ten years since the book was published, and I wish I had read it ten years ago.   ‘Bodos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There’ by David Brooks, 2000, has made me reassess my understanding of the Australian Greens and what their constituents really value. While Brook’s book is [...]

The Political Solution to Australia’s Energy Dilemma: Open Letter to Greg Combet from Phil Sawyer

The Hon Greg Combet  AM MP Dear Greg,  Recognising the important role that you will undoubtedly play in shaping our future energy policies, and mindful of the difficult situation that we, as a party, currently find ourselves in, I write to respectfully suggest that there is, under our noses, a politically adroit solution to our [...]

Third Open Thread

Please post comment below on any issue of interest to you concerning the natural environment. ..

Average Temp Anomalies Showing Only Warming Trend: John McLean

Out of curiosity I created a graph of annual average temperature anomalies based on HadCRUT3 temperature data but omitting 1943-1971 .  I don’t for a moment believe that the HadCRUT3 data is accurate and reliable, however, I found the graph interesting. I remind you that IPCC attributed the first half of the rising period to [...]

The Disputed Natural History of the Lower Lakes

OUR  society places a premium on restoring degraded and polluted places to their natural state. It is clear from the scientific literature that the Lower Lakes have a marine origin and that they could be healthy if filled with water from the Southern Ocean rather than taking fresh water from upstream which has been government [...]

Back Our Basin Petition

The Gillard Labor Government must cut the spin and immediately remove the Guide to the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan and ensure that economic and social factors receive the same consideration as environmental factors in the future.  Sign the petition here Start another petition to make sure they get the message!

Excuses, But No Good Reason for Murray River Barrages

I have received a barrage of excuses as to why the Lower Lakes at the bottom of the Murray River should remain fresh rather than removing the barrages and letting the area fill with seawater, as suggested in ‘Basin barrage of bad ideas” (The Land, November 4, pg. 26).  And I’ve made a few enquiries, to [...]

Marohasy on the Murray on BTalk

PHIL Dobbie from BTalk on  spoke to me recently about the Murray, the new plan and whether the system really needs saving – or not.