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January 2010
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Archive for January, 2010

Phil Jones Guilty, But

The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public scrutiny.  B ut…  Read more here.


Pachauri Must Resign – UN IPCC is ‘sub-prime science’ – Why is Gore Silent? – Banks withdraw from carbon trading – Withdraw UN IPCC Nobel: Marc Morano

Flashback 2008: Scientist: ‘Global warming’ is sub-prime science, sub-prime economics, and sub-prime politics, and it could well go down with the sub-prime mortgage’ Paper: UN climate chief Pachauri used ‘bogus’ climate claims ‘to win grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds’ UN IPCC Exposed: ‘Dozens’ of instances where WWF reports have been cited [...]

Banks Leave Carbon Market

Banks and investors are pulling out of the carbon market after the failure to make progress at Copenhagen on reaching new emissions targets after 2012.  Read more here.

Glacial Melt Farce

“LET me get this right…   The fraudster who runs the IPCC global warming scam and makes millions from that office   Employs the bloke who gave  the scientific evidence for glacier melt  in the Himalayas totally removing them from the face of the earth by 2035   Over the phone   To a bloke [...]

Climategate Analysis: SPPI

The Science and Public Policy Institute has published an analysis of the leaked climategate emails. This 149-page document takes the emails in chronological order and shows, with comments on each message, how science was perverted. In the introductory material the report says: The entire industry of “climate science” was created out of virtually nothing, by [...]

Climategate Hits the US: Kenneth Haapala

FOR MUCH of the Northern Hemisphere, the cold is abating. As climate scientists long realized, a short period does not create a trend. Even global warming advocates, who insisted that the 1998 El Nino warming was a trend, are now claiming that the cold does not contradict their warming trend. Their time spans are evidently extremely [...]

UK Met Office Can’t Forecast Weather

The UK Met Office is debating what to do with its long-term and seasonal forecasting after criticism for failing to predict extreme weather.   It was predicted that this winter would be warmer than average – yet it has been unusually cold.  Read more here.

Peter Spencer: The Starved Farmer

PETER Spencer has talked a lot in recent weeks about climate change and carbon sinks, but the root of his problem with government lies in the native vegetation laws that have prevented him from clearing – and farming – much of his land…    Read more here.

Confirmation Bias Rams Japanese

“I’ve been listening to reports all afternoon that the Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru rammed the Sea Shepherds’ Ady Gil while it was stationary. This report ought to have been regarded with suspicion…  Ships are rarely stationary at sea.  Read more here.

New Rock Song for Sceptics

Dennis Boothby rocks away the climate blues.  Listen at Quadrant Online, click here.