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Archive for December, 2009

News from Kenneth Haapala

For an interview with Fred Singer in Copenhagen please see: According to the New York Times the real success of Copenhagen was Western nations pledging to fund developing countries through international mechanisms. “Copenhagen’s One Real Accomplishment: Getting Some Money Flowing” by James Kanter, New York Times, Dec 20 However journalists for Der Spiegel [...]


Carbon Trade in Australia Almost Buried

TONY Abbott almost singlehandedly put the Emissions Trading Scheme on life support. Now Copenhagen has killed it stone cold, motherless dead.  Climate change minister Penny Wong, who is too emotionally committed to it to accept that truth, will carry it into the new year.   A responsible prime minister would give the ETS a decent Christian [...]

I Love Carbon Dioxide: Revamped

Hi Jennifer, Our new and greener web address is now simply Those of you who send me news stories please add to your list. For 2010, the site will become very user-oriented. I’m opening it up for multiple writers, journalists, and scientists to contribute to the site on a regular basis, thus letting [...]

The Saturated Greenhouse Effect: New Paper at SPPI

IN recent years, a major advance in our understanding of the physical dynamics of the climate process has come from the work of Ferenc Miskolczi.   A summary of this important work is now available at the Science and Public Policy website: The Earth’s atmosphere differs in essence from that of Venus and Mars. Our atmosphere [...]

The Drum on Climate Politics: Bob Carter

AUSTRALIA’S national broadcaster, the ABC, has recently started a new online blog site called The Drum.  Very unusually (for the ABC), it then sought a contribution from a climate rationalist (me) for the site, which I provided – deliberately making it more opinion than science. The response was a surprising rush of emails (more than 500 [...]

Sceptics Trespass on Greenpeace Ship

Global warming skeptics from CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) yesterday pulled off an international climate caper using GPS triangulation from Greenpeace’s own on-board camera photos to locate and sail up long-side of the infamous Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior. Then in Greenpeace-like fashion, the CFACT activists unfurled a banner reading “Propaganda Warrior” which underscored how [...]

Clean Future in Nuclear Power

WE may not be getting an emissions trading scheme any time soon but the climate and energy crises still need fixing with real urgency…  Barry Brooks and Martin Nicholson answer the objections to nuclear here.

Cash for Carbon in Copenhagen

Barun Mitra, director of an Indian NGO attending the Copenhagen negotiations and representative of the Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change (, stated today: “Today’s G77 walkout at the Copenhagen climate conference is purely a negotiating tactic because there’s so much money at stake. Copenhagen is no longer about climate – it’s about cash and [...]

Introducing Andrei Illarionov’s Blog

Dear colleagues, Some of you may find interesting pieces on Climte Change that I posted recently in my blog. In most cases text is in Russian, in few – in English. But charts and pictures are mostly in English. You may use them as you find suitable. Best regards, Andrei Illarionov Blog: Texts: Cyclical [...]

Nominate a Best Blog Post

“Best Blog Posts ‘09 is up and running … Posted by Ken Parish on Wednesday, December 2, 2009… For four years now (ages in blogosphere terms) Club Troppo and On Line Opinion have sponsored a showcase of Australian independent blogging, which we call ‘Best Blog Posts of <year>’…  Hi Ken/Graham,  I’ve never been good [...]