Archive | August 27, 2009

Let’s Stop Averaging Global Temperatures (Part 1)

FEAR of global warming is a preoccupation of western societies at the beginning of this 21st century.   This fear is usually explained in terms of changes in the surface temperature of the earth as averaged from varying numbers of thermometers from around but the world.  But given the many disputes concerning how this data is collected, […]

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Hippos Roaming Free in Colombia

BOGOTA – African zoologists are in Colombia to advise local authorities on what to do with dozens of hippos roaming around the abandoned zoo of late drug lord Pablo Escobar in the north of the country.  Read more here.

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Join the Climate Sceptics: A Note from Michael Rowley

THE Climate Sceptics Party of Australia have been actively generating enough members to be able to register as a political party to contest elections in Australia. With the considerable efforts of President Leon Ashby, Anthony Cox and others we are fast approaching the required 500 members. As of today we need 26 more.  (more…)

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