Archive | August 20, 2009

Total Solar Irradiance: Recalculated by N. Scafetta

THE popular view on global warming is that the sun has had a negligible influence on climate – at least over the last few decades compared to carbon dioxide. But taking into account the entire range of possible total solar irradiance (TSI) satellite composite since 1980, Nicola Scafetta, just published in Journal of Atmospheric and […]

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Until Next Year… Little Rose Robin

“ROSE Robins (Petroica rosea) love to winter at our place on the western side of the Darlington Range in the south-east of Queensland. But come spring and they are off like a rocket to the Lamington Plateau or the New England Ranges to nest.”  Jim Inglis

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Thicker Ice on Hudson Bay this Summer

Too many cool, wet days resulted in a lousy summer — but you won’t find any polar bears complaining. The cooler-than-usual summer produced thicker ice on Hudson Bay, giving the area’s polar bear population several extra days to feed on tasty ringed seals.  Read more here.

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