Archive | August 12, 2009

AGW is a Thermometer Count Artifact: A note from E.M. Smith

I HAVE been “characterizing” the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) temperature process and how the data are transformed… My conclusion is that the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) “signal” is an artifact of the arrival and departure of thermometers from the scribal record: the addition of more thermometers in the Southern Hemisphere followed by the loss […]

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Burning China’s Trash

After surpassing the United States as the world’s largest producer of household garbage, China has embarked on a vast program to build incinerators as landfills run out of space. But these incinerators have become a growing source of toxic emissions, from dioxin to mercury, that can damage the body’s nervous system.  Read more here.  And […]

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