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Australian Politics and Carbon Trading

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s plans for an early double dissolution election have been sunk… The Clerk of the Senate, Harry Evans, is understood to have confirmed that even if Mr Rudd were to go to a double dissolution election to get his ETS through Parliament, the scheme could still be blocked by the Senate.  Read […]

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Climate Alarmists Morphing into War Mongering Neo-conservatives?

“THE Pentagon and the [US] State Department have studied issues arising from dependence on foreign sources of energy for years but are only now considering the effects of global warming in their long-term planning documents…” according to John Broder writing in yesterday’s New York Times. “Although military and intelligence planners have been aware of the […]

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Famous Koala Dies

SAM the Koala was euthanized last Thursday.  When bushfires were raging the state of Victoria earlier this year, the koala became famous after video footage was released showing her drinking water from a fire fighter’s bottle. But the four-year-old never recovered from surgery last Thursday to remove cysts associated with Urogenital chlamydiosis, a disease which affects about […]

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The Most Important Vote Since Federation?

“The vote that Senators deliver on August 13, and again later should the bill be defeated and resubmitted, is the biggest decision that they will make in their political careers. For the passage or not of this bill will determine the fate of the Australian economy, and the standard of living of average Australians, for […]

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Red Gum Forests Need Water and Thinning: Not Bob Carr

FORMER New South Wales Premier, Bob Carr, obviously has no idea when it comes to the history and ecology of river red gum forests in south western NSW. His misguided comments in The Land one week ago (“Forests or fenceposts”, July 30, pg 19) reflect the prejudices of someone born and breed in Sydney and trained as […]

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