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Who’s a Climate Scientist?

“PROMINENT scientists with long publications records, such as Bob Carter, are routinely described by the media as not being climate scientists and really not reputable scientists at all if they aren’t on the alarmist bandwagon.  On the other hand, lawyers expressing alarmist views are described as prominent scientists.  “And the scientists regularly put forward in […]

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Data Purge at CRU

Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre is well known for his thorough auditing of climate models and the data used to construct these models.   But a recent request for data by Mr McIntyre has so annoyed some at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia that rather than provide the information, they have started withdrawing data that was previously publicly […]

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New Atlas of IPCC Rainfall Projections

RESEARCHERS from The Australian National University have created the world’s first comprehensive visual atlas of global rainfall projections over the next 100 years based on all of the models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its most recent report. PhD researcher Wee Ho Lim and Dr Michael Roderick from ANU have created […]

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Cold Natural, Warm Not

The New York Times reports that the record cold of 2009 is due to natural variations and even warned skeptics of man-made global warming not to be “buoyed” by the brutal cold.  Read more here.

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