Archive | July 29, 2009

Canberra and Laputa: A Note from William York

HOW did he do it? Dean Jonathon Swift writing Gulliver’s Travels in 1726 made a long range forecast of such incredible accuracy that it would be the envy of any climate modeler. In this forecast you glimpse Kevin Rudd, the ANU, the academies and many practical men who may bring doom and destruction to Australia. […]

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Reducing Emissions Must Ultimately Mean Less Stuff

WESTERN governments are trying to have it both ways: they want to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and they want to stimulate economic growth by us spending more money including on stuff.   But this is not realistic.  Either the government impresses on the population that it must be content with less including smaller families, smaller […]

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Gurr the Toy Maker: A Note from Larry

BEFORE Jane Goodall’s pioneering study of wild chimpanzees, most of us believed that tool-use and especially tool-making were exclusively human activities. Goodall was intrigued when she first observed a chimp poking a stick into a termite mound, waiting a minute, pulling out the stick, and then licking off the termites. But a Border Collie named Gurr […]

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