Archive | July 20, 2009

Human Sacrifice for Climate Mitigation

Climate modelling of new data from the Aztec Codex Cihuacoatl has identified a relationship with important implications for global warming mitigation. The research suggests a strong causal pathway exists between climate change and Aztec rituals of “nourishing the gods” with blood sacrifice… Human sacrifice was an ancient mitigation strategy to neutralise the threat of dangerous […]

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Meeting the Moral Challenge of Climate Change

UK Energy Secretary Ed Miliband’s citing of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech in support of his policy of subsidising the construction of many thousands of otherwise uneconomic wind turbines might appear grotesque, even comical; but not if you genuinely believe that Britain’s switching from coal to wind power for its electricity generation […]

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First Moon Landing

I’ve heard a ‘baby boomer’ definded as someone born after World War II who remembers the Apollo II moon landing. I remember being told about it at school, in the afternoon. I was five years old, in grade 1 at Batchelor State School in the Northern Territory of Australia. It happened forty years ago today […]

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