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Saving Australia’s Forests for Carbon: Valid Science or Green Activism?

A RECENT Australian Government study of 115 key industries found that only the forestry sector was net carbon-positive. Yet, a major Wilderness Society campaign is advocating the closure of Australian timber industries to help mitigate climate change. Their campaign revolves around research by scientists from the Australian National University Fenner School of Environment and Society who […]

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Sorting Priorities

“Right now the only certain way to save lives is by calling off this misguided war on climate change. If and when climate change promises to claim more casualties than poverty and starvation, the world will begin heeding their calls. If, however, these climate-change casualties don’t materialize, there would have been no need to act […]

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No Warming Until Maybe 2020

OK.  It is not pleasant to call someone a ‘warmaholic’.  I guess it does suggest a dependency. I always thought of the blog RealClimate as dependent on their being global warming.  But in a recent article they are suggesting there may be no more warming until 2020.   I reckon if you can live without something […]

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New Book from Expert ‘Climate Sceptic’

Climatologist Dr Garth Paltridge has finally had enough of the hysteria, hype and witchhunting that’s fed the great global warming scare. Out today is his new book, The Climate Caper.  Read more at Andrew Bolt’s blog.  Order a copy from Connor Court.

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Hong Kong Cleans Up It’s Environment

ACCORDING to many commentators, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century is the protection and conservation of the environment.   It’s a mainstream issue and not just in places like Australia.  Indeed even the government of Hong Kong is now making environmental sustainability a key objective which it intends to integrate with economic […]

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