Archive | July 13, 2009

In Melbourne: Big Al, Small Protest

ANYONE who denies global warming is in the pay of big oil. Remember that is what the big man, Al Gore, said in his movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. But like so much that Mr Gore says, it just isn’t true. Consider the 30-odd protesters who held placards outside the breakfast he spoke at this morning […]

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Defining the Sceptics (Part 8)

“In both evolution and climate change, the majority view of the scientific experts is well ahead. In neither case is there any known coherent alternative. But the complexities of the evidence are such that a higher standard of politeness to sceptics who raise serious problems would be well-advised.” James Franklin, ‘What Science Knows: And How […]

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Fielding the Hard Questions on Climate Change (Part 7)

What was “all over the news” when the [Senator] Fielding issue was perceived to be the political one of exercising a casting vote on carbon dioxide taxation rapidly became unmentionable once the topic became the quality of the science, which our [Australian] media clearly have no capacity to judge.  Read more at Quadrant Online.

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