Archive | July 7, 2009

No Solar: A Note from Viv Forbes

AUSTRALIAN electricity consumers can look forward to soaring charges for electricity and blackouts if state and federal politicians continue to undermine the power grid by mandating and subsidising solar power generation. Solar power can never produce continuous, predictable, low cost power. It must always be supported by expensive power storage systems or by reliable power sources […]

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Defining the Scientific Sceptics (Part 7)

THE scientific sceptic* is defined by rational inquiry and is prepared to consider the possibility, probability or certainty of different propositions. Furthermore, the scientific sceptic investigates with a disposition to be persuaded. The following example, from physicist Peter Ridd, considers the ability to predict (the probability that a prediction will be correct) as a guide […]

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Not Real Climate

  “REALCLIMATE is a commentary site (blog) on climatology by a group of climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. It aims to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is intended to be restricted to scientific topics and to avoid political or […]

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