Archive | July 3, 2009

Join the Protest in Melbourne

All members of the community sceptical that CO2 causes climate change are most welcome to join in an “Educational protest” outside where Al Gore will be giving a speech at Docklands peninsula, Melbourne, on Monday 13th July.

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Evidence for ‘Solar Signature’

Increasingly strong evidence of a clear solar signature in a number of climatic indicators in Europe, strengthening the earlier conclusions of a study that included stations from the United States…  With the recent downturn of both solar activity and global temperatures…  Read more here.

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Shrinking Sheep

CLIMATE change has caused a flock of wild sheep on a remote northern Scottish island to become smaller, according to an unusual investigation published on Thursday.  Read more here.

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Beach Houses to Go

MILLIONS of dollars worth of luxury waterfront homes at Byron Bay will be demolished in the name of climate change following a council decision to enshrine “planned retreat” in law.  Read more here.

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