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February 2008
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Archive for February, 2008

No Impact from the UK’s First Energy Saving ‘E-Day’

The UK’s first Energy Saving Day has ended with no noticeable reduction in the country’s electricity usage. E-Day asked people to switch off electrical devices they did not need over a period of 24 hours, with the National Grid monitoring consumption. BBC website: ‘No impact from Energy Saving Day’ The e-day website is here.


New Paper from the Virtual World: Stabilizing Climate Requires Near-Zero Emissions

A new GRL paper by Matthews and Caldeira suggests that, in order to stabilise the computer modelled future climate, CO2 emissions need to be reduced to near-zero. The abstract of the paper is below: GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 35, L04705, doi:10.1029/2007GL032388, 2008 Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions H. Damon Matthews Department of Geography, Planning and [...]

Peer Reviewed US Study Finds More Informed People ‘Show Less Concern for Global Warming’

Mass media efforts to raise American public concern about climate change, such as Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and the “scientific consensus” media drumbeat, ironically may be having just the opposite effect, according to a new study appearing in the scientific journal Risk Analysis. The above is taken from here. Study Excerpt: Paul Kellstedt, Sammy [...]

‘Experts’ Views on the Future of Car and Air Travel in Australia

OVERSEAS trips may become a once-in-lifetime experience and car travel needed to be cut by 80 per cent if we have any hope of avoiding “dangerous” climate change, experts say. Energy experts from Monash University said the carbon emission standards recommended by the government-hired Professor Ross Garnaut would not be possible if Australia’s love affair [...]

First Woman to Earn PhD in Meteorology Speaks Out

Dr Joanne Simpson was the first woman in the world to earn a doctorate in meteorology. She has devoted her entire professional life to studying clouds and violent storms, and at 75, she’s still at it. Formerly of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Present Position Chief Scientist for Meteorology, Earth Sciences Directorate. Simpson’s career [...]

England Hit by an Earth Tremor

Just before 1.00 am this morning I was woken up by the house shaking. It transpires that an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude took place and the epicentre was near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, the worst quake for nearly 25 years. The BBC report is here: ‘Earthquake hits much of England’ We had a similar experience on [...]

New Paper Reviews the Evidence for a Cosmic Ray-Climate Connection

A new paper is currently in press in the journal Comptes Rendus Geoscience, which reviews the evidence for a connection between Cosmic Rays and Climate. The invited review authored by Ilya G. Usoskin and Gennady A. Kovaltsov is entitled: ‘Cosmic rays and climate of the Earth: possible connection’ is available via Ilya Usoskin’s personal website [...]

Beyond Media Headlines: The Key Issues for the Macquarie Marshes

Media reports yesterday** correctly drew attention to the fact that there are levy banks within the Macquarie Marshes and that they are depriving key wetland areas of water. But the stories went on to lump upstream legal and planned irrigation development that makes allocations for environmental flows with legal and illegal levies on grazing land [...]

Plane Stupidity and BoM Bombs

Yesterday (Monday 25th February) four Greenpeace protesters breached security at London’s Heathrow airport and climbed on the tail of a Boeing 777 in order to display a banner saying, ‘Climate Emergency, No 3rd Runway.’ Prometheus points out in an article entitled, ‘A sense of proportion’ that last month the Chinese government announced plans to build [...]

Porsche Challenge London CO2 Tax with a Judicial Review

Porsche GB has announced it will seek a judicial review of London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s £25 ‘Congestion’ charge for cars emitting 225g/km or more of CO2, on the grounds that it is unfair, disproportionate and will not cut either congestion or emissions. A motor manufacturer has at last found the guts to stand up for [...]