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September 2006
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Archive for September, 2006

The Campaign to Jail Richard Ness

A new movie ‘Mine Your Own Business’ details how environmental campaigner have stopped development in parts of the world that crave development. How they have denied poor people opportunity. The same activists have also run campaigns against foreigners who have dared develop projects in remote and environmentally sensitive parts of the world. In the case [...]


GM Cotton More Water Efficient: A Note from David Tribe

Preliminary results from CSIRO research in Narrabri have shown that genetically modified insect-resistant cotton may also be more water efficient.* Two years of field experiments by CSIRO Plant Industry’s Mr Dirk Richards and Mr Stephen Yeates, show that under normal full irrigation, Bollgard® II cotton used ten per cent less water than an equivalent conventional [...]

The Human Impact On Climate – Additional to CO2: A Note from Paul Biggs

Paul Biggs from the University of Birmingham, UK, sent me the following summary of a presentation by Roger Pielke Sr. There is so much interesting information on the potential human impact on climate beyond a focus on carbon dioxide: “Roger Pielke Sr, a respected climatologist of some 30 years, gave an interesting presentation of his [...]

Publish or Perish: A Note from Anthony Gibson

Nyngan farmer Anthony Gibson, spokesperson for the NSW Regional Community Survival Group, has warned government officials and the public to be aware of Dr Barry Traill’s limited scientific credentials on the ecology of woody weeds. Following is the rest of the media release from the NSW Regional Community Survival Group: “An exhaustive search of the [...]

What’s Australia’s Carrying Capacity?

Mitchell Porter sent me a note some time ago that began: “There is a thought I had a long time ago when talking with some zero-population-growth advocates, maybe your readership can shed some light on this. They were saying Australia was already near its human carrying capacity, and I remembered reading that Australia has a [...]

Mine Your Own Business: Anti-Activist Film

Jennifer, The readers of your blog may be interested in the new anti-activist movie, ‘Mine Your Own Business’. The page loads slowly, but patience will be rewarded with the film trailer: . Schiller. And this is what the Director of the movie had to say: “I remember a time, not so long ago, when [...]

George McCallum

George McCallum is a regular reader and sometimes commentator at this blog. He has been based in Berlin for the last 9 years, working as a freelance wildlife photographer, marine mammal observer, freelance field researcher, chief cook and bottle washer. He also runs his own one man company, Whalephoto. George has just returned from the [...]

Skepticism Versus Being An AGW Skeptic: A Note from David Tribe

The Australian Environment Foundation had its first conference and AGM last weekend.* There was some discussion on the subject of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In my talk I suggested that in the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Al Gore took away the potential for dissent by making global warming a moral issue. I suggested he turned [...]

Low Temperatures Over Antarctica

I received the following note: “Hi Jennifer, Tonight the ABC news reported on the large ozone hole over the Antarctic. On the news, first it was claimed that the large hole was responsible for the record cold weather there. Then that the cold weather was destroying the ozone and causing the hole. Can you have [...]

Wyaralong Dam: Water More Expensive Than Desalination?

By the end of the recent state election in Queensland, the Labor Party was proposing not one, but five new dams and the the Coalition a whooping eight new dams. The Wyaralong dam is being planned for a catchment just south of Brisbane and west of the Gold Coast in the Beaudesert Shire. Occasional responder [...]