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June 2006
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Archive for June, 2006

Worrying About Mekong River Dolphins

They’ve been described as the rabbits of the sea. I’m referring to minke whales. How much money does Greenpeace spend sending boats to the Antarctic to ‘save’ them? I’m more concerned about the species that are really threatened with extinction like the freshwater dolphins of Asia. After posting earlier today on the baniji in China, [...]


Polling the State of the Environment

Greenpeace tell us we should worry about global warming and GM food. But what are most people worried about when it comes to the environment? There is currently a poll on ‘The Environment’ at the ‘What the People Want’ . If you fill it in and leave your email address Graham Young will send you [...]

A Note on Energy & Adaptation: Steven Hayward

“In the end, a relentless campaign to extend political control over the world’s energy use is likely to fail, in part because, even if severe climate change is in our future, most people intuitively recognize that rhetoric about “the end of civilization as we know it” is inconsistent with human experience. Our distant ancestors survived [...]

Worrying About the Baiji

I was a little confused by a recent article at ABC Online about the Baiji, the rare river dolphins in the Yangtze River in China. I was confused because the news article titled ‘Plan hatched to save Yangtze dolphins’ suggested the dolphin would be saved because they could be relocated to a nearby lake. But [...]

Climate Consensus & The End of Science: Terence Corcoran versus Thomas Kuhn

I grew up in a family where we would sometimes take a vote, and then Dad would decide. Dad had some respect for the idea of a ‘majority’ or a ‘consensus’, but I can’t remember ever worrying too much about trying to convince my siblings to vote with me. As a scientist working for government, [...]

Being a ‘Chooser’, Not a ‘Changer’ (More on Peer Review)

There have been several instances where commentators at this blog have criticised others for publishing their information on websites rather in peer reviewed journals. The inference being that if its not in a peer reviewed journal, the idea has little merit. Interestingly, there’s a new medical journal to be published by Elsevier called ‘Medical Hypotheses’ [...]

Wind Farm Kills Eagles

“For centuries man had employed the power of wind to further his activities and it was not until the advent of the combustion engine that he was released from the constraints of the wind’s fickle nature. Utilising fossil fuels has brought on rapid expansion which some say is having a negative effect on the environment [...]

No Fishing, Just Feeding The Fish in Darwin

There was some comment earlier today by Luke and Ann about feeding fish following my blog post on lungfish. Anyway, I was fascinated to learn last year that at Doctors Gully, Darwin, Australia, fishing is banned, but feeding is encouraged. A friend feeds the fish: My daughter Caroline feeds the fish: The message on bottom [...]

More About Politics Than Water: Steve Dennis on Damming The Mary

Steve Dennis, a member of the Save the Mary River Campaign Committee, is not convinced that the Queensland Government proposal to dam the Mary River is just about water. It could even be about nuclear power, argues Steve in the following guest post: “The Queensland Government, or more specifically Premier Peter Beattie, is posturing in [...]

A Comment on ‘Food Shortages’ by Aaron Edmonds

Greg Bourne, CEO of WWF Australia, has predicted that we will run out of food in 40 years as we run out of water. Aaron Edmonds, a wheat farmer in Western Australia, elaborating on a recent prediction from Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute, thinks it will be much sooner: “This year’s world grain harvest is [...]